In a faraway land, in a small town lived trained as a watchmaker. br>
It was a very good master. The fame of it went in many cities.
Sometimes the Master has taken watch even from the capital itself. br>
First, the Wizard very carefully studied the breakage, questioned how it happened, what time, what was the reason, and then he set to work. br>
I Must say that in his workshop there were a variety of watches! br>
This could be a rare watch, what in the world will hardly find. There were large Kremlin clock or, alternatively, a small wrist watch. br>
All the Master paid time. br>
Once came to the Master antique Cuckoo clock. the
Master clock put on comfortable carved table and poured endless grievances and complaints:
- This Cuckoo has changed so much, indignantly shouting watch. – Before she sang very different songs, and now sing to myself.
the Cuckoo, in turn, claimed that she was close inside hours that used to be more spacious and so comfortable, and now... Because to sing she does not want to. br>
the Master listened, and the Clock and the Cuckoo and began the long painstaking work. And what is the result?
the Cuckoo again sang songs that take the soul, and the Clock ticked, as if singing to her. br>
another time in the Studio was a large Clock that chimes beat off right on red square.
- Understand the Master, everyone thinks I'm important, I synchronized their watches and no one even realizes that I'm afraid.... Yes! Terrified of everything around you. Sometimes I'm so scared that my hands freeze and cease to move. While not impossible, it is impossible to stop! br>
Master had a long talk with for Hours about fears and the importance of, and about the rest, and much more. And what now? br>
Now it's true the main clock on the red square, their hands go regularly, and if you stop, not scary. No longer scary! br>
And one day the Master came a little shabby alarm clock.
- Master, with me something not so! I definitely understand that. I'm not like other watches. My hands are crooked, and the whole body tired and this green... color Me sick of myself. My mechanism is completely out of order.
- Look, nothing is wrong with you! Your hands are not curves, they are exclusive form, and the green color is the most gentle color I've ever met. Your mechanism works fine. Believe in yourself! br>
Many hours talking with the Master clock. And what? br>
This is another Wake-up service, right after the Alarm clock! br>
the Master loved his work, loved everything about the watch that was delivered to his shop. Maybe that's why it all worked.

Svetlana Abakumova
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