Трансформационная игра Лила Чакра в Краснодаре

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is it Possible to change the reality?  How to influence life events? How to dissolve the problem ? How to get what you want in the short term?

Our reality is a virtual  play.

the Game is controlled by a digital code of 64 hexagrams.

Matrix of the 64 hexagrams is the Foundation of our reality, the canonical set of laws.

Many of the great ancient civilizations and wise traditions, including the Vedic, Egyptian, Chinese and Mayans encoded this mathematical structure into their art, cosmology and science.

One of the most famous systems based on this grid of 64 is the Chinese I Ching - Book of Changes. 

generations of sages used the I Ching as a prophetic tool for clear decisions in harmony with nature. Moreover, the I Ching provides an extensive digital map of the dynamics of energy in all living systems.

This is especially surprising because of its mathematical similarities with the genetic code. Many scientists, metaphysicians and mystics probed this startling relationship between DNA and the I Ching.

This extraordinary system, mysterious, rooted in thousands of years ago, is the basis for the transformation of the game "Lila-cakra."

the Game Leela — the oldest and most famous transformation game of self-discovery. Sources that find mention of this game anywhere from two to three thousand years. For thousands of years people have played and continue to play this great game of life. She still helps people find their way and achieve their goals in life.

we All are born, grow, laugh and cry, aspire to something and running from something, love and hate, play different roles in this world, in this big game called Life. Everything that we do in this great game — all these little games that make up one big. This is the Lila-the divine play of the universe.

the word “Lila” in Sanskrit means “game”. This is the game of life, which includes both matter and our aspirations, emotions, and thoughts. Game Leela was created to ensure that players were able to make contact with your higher “I”. In order to solve a problem, it is necessary to detach from her, to look at it from the side, as if from above. Then you can see this problem in General and ways to resolve it. Game Leela helps players to go beyond their normal vision, to rise above the problem to see what was hidden earlier and allow a negative situation.

All the world  — the manifestation of our divine “I” or absolute. Leela is the divine play, in which a Higher “I” is both Creator and Player, and the game itself, which is expressed in material reality. When we play game of Leela, the field on which moves our game character, acts as a kind of microcosm, in which, as in a hologram, there is this whole world. Thus, those of insight and awareness that we get in this game, is automatically transferred to the macrocosm — this universe. So we transform their own destiny, when we realize something that was previously hidden from us.

the Game is Leela after a careful study of each game the field got a player gives more and more awareness, leading to all the more subtle layers of reality. No wonder this game is played by Buddhist monks for thousands of years. This is a game of self-discovery, through which there is a deep rethinking of life. This is a game that transformerait life and reveals the truth. Therefore it is also called Jnana-of Chaupadi, which means “word”.

Everything in this world is a manifestation of the absolute or Universal Consciousness. And all that can happen is already in us. The diversity of events is also in us. We are free to choose which way to go. But often we do not see optimal. Play Lila — is an ancient game of knowledge, which will help to choose the best path that leads to Your goal via the shortest path.

the Game takes the Player from those daily patterns, which he uses in everyday life and allows you to find the most fresh best solutions for rapid and complete achievement of the goal.
After the game Leela is coming true, even the unbelievable.

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