Трансформационная сказка о материнстве

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had Lived in the village kitty. And such was her affectionate, beautiful, gentle. Everyone in the village liked her, nobody offended her, all protected, stroked, fed sour cream and milk.

I Loved the cat walk, bask in the sun, watching people and times of the year. Watched it and its beautiful fur. Licked, went to the Creek to enjoy themselves and drink the water.
of Course, there were cats and cats fans, but I don't really like her village of Vaska, the simple-minded they were for her. She wanted something more unusual.

And that's the end of the summer she met in the woods, on the edge of the village, wild cat. Immediately there was a spark between them. Got her his determination, originality and a certain wildness. He took the cat to my forest.
at First not much liked kitty in the forest. It was hard for her without help from people, and in the winter is cold: warming up they cat each other, curled up. But then, she loved the forest. It was great with the cat jumping on the branches, drink the water from the spring. effortlessly to produce forest mice, build her nest, and just spending time together. Myself and kitty do not forget: every day washing my hair, arching the back, making eyes at the cat. Although, somewhere deep down, she still felt like a guest in this forest.

as time Went on, spring came. And there was our pair of kittens. They began a large family. But as cool as all changed! Couldn't the cat run to the spring, to admire themselves, have not had time to arch his back and ogle. For family and loved ones kittens needed eyes and the eyes: the dirt is bogged down someone on the tree hangs, under driftwood stuck. And had kitty to teach kids how to hunt, and had to protect them from the threat of other animals. Daddy cat is also very fond of a cat and kittens, but often absent on hunting: big family needed more food.
he went On stream to drink water, the mother cat just had kittens to raise and catch, to enjoy themselves not enough time. And his coat was no longer clean, the kittens were always hanging on the mother, clenching nogotochkami in fur.
Cat with kittens out in the forest, studied and taught kids, empathize with their successes and sad failures, moved to tears, their little victories. As if again she returned to childhood, she became fun and interesting.

it was spring, summer and autumn. the
Kids have already grown up and was able to do much themselves. Cat learned faster and more effectively to hunt, began to spend more time with family. Kitty is also adapted to the situation.

But the most wonderful thing in our magical fairy tale characters ahead. As soon as the snow fell, and the puddles were covered with ice, our cat saw his reflection. Imagine her surprise when instead of a cute little cat looked at her big, beautiful in their wildness and strength of a young tiger.

looking out over his family, she said that now her cat is not a cat, and the tiger and the children exude red-black stripes. And, indeed, the forest has now become home not just a house, and such where she is Queen and mistress. And the animals it is respected for wisdom and justice, knew that will protect themselves and their offspring, what about other inhabitants of your forest can handle, and the argument will judge and give advice.

Externally, the tigress, too, was transformed: his eyes burned with an inner light, majestic grace was read in the movements and gait, health and gloss cast coat.

And became a tiger and a tigress the true masters of the forest. Everything worked for them, things were progressing well, and the cubs have grown by leaps and bounds, giving smiles, communication ,love and warmth of parents.

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