Transitions in sport. Part 1. A traitor


“He betrayed me”, “Thankless”, “Chasing quick fame”, “lured”, “Deceived me, and I gave him so much”, “Without me, he still will not achieve success”


This tells the coach about his favorite student who moved to another coach. It seemed that the hell happened? Because the athlete wants to improve your score, wants to become a champion. He's not betrayed, just moved to another specialist.

BUT actually

In fact, everything in the eyes of the coaches is different.

I not only train, but educate, as they say, passion of the athlete. I was wiping your snot and tears, we walked together to a purpose.
If you went to another coach, he says it better. But it is not. Who is this coach brought up? Who raised “zero”? But if he really is better, what do I do now?
He lured the best conditions, he simply bought it.
sure, he betrayed me, threw a difficult minute. After all, we wanted to win, and it is the failure ran away.
that Is the ultimate betrayal.


of course, all that said the coach – all true. But, not all. There are still true traitor – an athlete.

I've outgrown it
How can you expect success?
I have this decision too difficult to make, but there's no other way, because life in sports is short.
I am very grateful to him, but why he yelled at me and called everyone a traitor? And continues to throw mud.
then I have created the best conditions and training more progressive.
for my successes he has made a name and appreciation from him whatsoever.
I will prove that to transition, I just won.


I was the leading athlete in the country, now I am a good coach and sports functionary. Having your club and working in the Federation in various roles, I am often faced with such situations. I know and understand the position of both the coach and athlete. This is all I have experienced and know how to behave in such situations.

But this next part

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