Травма предательства, родительские сценарии в виде традиции.

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Information about the Injury of Betrayal on my pages in social networks has generated a lot of questions in comments and in PM about this phenomenon, about its details, the fact of the manifestations of this trauma in my life. And on the catcher and the animal runs, read the current balance and feel the energy of the day!

Today has all the chances to survive the "cleansing conflict" between the internalized rules of conduct, we can say, family rules, such, which got you inherited, and your desire to live finally happy.

Mental state can put you in a kind of longing for the unattainable, and even anger or resentment about "Why others get everything and I nothing! For the husband "glashka" loves this fool-Glasco, and I get some unfinished muzhchinki, which is to educate and educate!".

just like in the parable about family happiness. Had a fight like that one person with his wife about the fallen pans. And for the cause! Set so that no pass not pass it sideways and touched her hand. Take a frying pan and you fly directly on the floor. Burgers all crumbled and that was really fun! And hands, he, the husband, growing out of their ass! And he walks like an elephant, and it all comes to how to duck on the second day... Here is the husband flared up, and told his opinion on how decent wives of husbands food. In General, the couple fought hard.

Went to the man outraged by neighbor. Man-the man will always understand, isn't it? Comes into the house and sees the neighbor goes to meet him, spread his arms in greeting, and touched the bouquet of flowers. Well, what can I say! Flowers – all on the floor, and the vase shattered, water everywhere, and.... expect a scandal.

the Wife, of course, immediately came and... said to her husband, they say, that I am such a klutz, I had a vase in a different place to put it, not on the move. And the neighbor, not to the man show, and he says, well, it's my fault. Walk like a mill sign. Don't be angry. And they embraced.

Went to a neighbor who with fallen chops, home. Comes to his wife and says. Well, what do you say? So, I have a neighbor that with a vase. They're all guilty. Both husband and wife - all to ask for forgiveness. But they are happy. Hug. And we are all right. But.

So, today it is possible to realize in your mind the collapse of their own old ideals that in life "everything." Answers to this question can be a great many: "the Important homeland: "I would live the country native, and no other worries"; "the main thing – the truth and the truth, and let all violators will wash"; "it's important to be a good person" ( how is it? How do you know that you're a good person?). Known for sure only that the main thing in the tank is not ...poop.

a Moment of awareness of the causes of their suffering can happen ( and often exactly what happens), through the despair. You're, like, trying to live as you were taught "honestly". But there is no happiness. Not even praise. And no, the "big-strong", which is the award for "honesty and courage". Will reward you for following the rules of life, who told mom and promised to do so, and be happy.

And here you understand that you, and even your mother experienced happiness while you live on the "instructions". Your mother, as a courageous member of the Komsomol, was able to make a commitment to re the guy who didn't want to learn to drink, but he loved her. This guy was your dad, but it remained a "dropout" from the mom's point of view.

And you're take "on education" man. And both (your man and your dad) "betray" you, because as you may try to "improve", it behaves like a wolf. Feed him and he still looks into the woods.

When it comes to terrible in his clear understanding of the futility of relationships, when one person takes the role of mentor and teacher for the other, the notorious "klutz", and there is the conflict, aggression, and revenge. You .... Betrayed. And I want to rant and rave!

That's just... "good girls don't do that, they don't agressiruesh, not revenge," they.... buried conflicts in their own body. Buried there is all the drama of his life.

Then the girls have back pain, and lower back anxiety, and in the shoulder because the girl picked the wrong commitments in life. And her ... betrayed. And this is despite all of her control over the situation.

Who blames a girl? Yourself. Bad tried. Bad controlled. ... Own happiness was put on the last place in the list of rules my life.

TIP: listen to their desires. What will make you happy in addition to feeling its "rightness"? What prevents you to experience the sense of ease right now? What reward you got, building a life by someone else's rules? Whoever gave you these rules... was he happy? Or was ... right?

P. S. a Note for participants of the free course on Tarot on Facebook for Arcanum number 5.

family life scenarios can be an example of tradition. However, to follow it, that doesn't mean blindly repeating the path of her great - grandmother who lived some with the king Lantern. This does not mean that it is necessary to fulfill the "destiny" of women of the slave system.

Tradition is not copying. Tradition is the observance of the fundamental philosophical principles, to realize that you can walk on your own.

Your Irina Panina

a Doctor of psychology, hypnology

Together we'll find the way to your hidden opportunities!

Panina Irina
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