Травма женских чувств

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In recent times in the business are often faced with the fact that women have closed the sensual side. This problem generally gained unprecedented momentum when a pretty picture advertising beauty emasculated to the limit, because it is not even assumed of living emotions.

When a woman has experienced trauma through feelings of betrayal or loss of trust from the men or parents, her emotions no longer flow freely like a river. Formed a kind of artificial dam that blocks and separates the natural female state. For example, a woman can show emotions either in hysterics or in enthusiasm. And between them - only depression. Her Anima, the inner woman, is suffering.

the Opportunity to work with such a problem is based on the finding that the injury trigger an emotional imbalance, identification of traumatic situations and release them. After that, it is important to find the internal emotional support that will nurture and get out of this vast morass. Such figures in the aspect of analytical therapy can be internal shape of the father or the Animus. This reliable resource is designed to help direct the energy deficit and corproate feelings in a single track mergers and acquisition integrity.

At the level of actions after the healing of the emotional trauma it is very important to learn new ways of interacting with their world of feelings. And here is a diary of emotions, different types of creative inclusion, reading and watching movies with deep empathy and discussion can help to open the treasure trove of experiences and to return the woman a real taste of life.

the True Femininity can be seen immediately, it is not necessary to shout, it is not necessary to prove... As the bird does not need to prove that she is a bird. Because it is a state of inner harmony, contentment, a sense of its own eternal nature and staying in harmony with yourself and all that exists" (Maria Mavala).


Invited to the program "Women's way: between a harlot and a Queen."

You will get the opportunity women's healing trauma and to usurp the true resource of femininity!

the Program "Women's way: between the harlot and the Queen" is a dive into wonderful world of knowledge and discovery for hungry female soul, is the path to awakening Feminine Power, touching True Femininity. br>
Thanks to the program, You can:
- to stay in his "run for life" and to know himself again after discovering the true sense of the woman;
- answer the questions: "What am I a Woman?", "What makes me happy?";
- to deal with their fears and mental "splinters" that make it difficult to be happy, to transform destructive patterns of behavior;
- use symbolic language in myth, fairy tales, folklore for dialogue with internal and external reality;
- to develop confidence in themselves and the world, and not to stereotype others;
- to understand their relationships with the opposite sex, to understand the potential problems and solve them on the basis of their nature, and not social stereotypes
- to reach the spiritual heights of femininity and dive into the deep secrets of female sexuality.

the start of the course in Kharkov – November 3, 2018

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