Тренинг, семинар, лекция. В чем разница?


Now the Internet offers a lot of trainings, seminars, webinars, workshops. Ordinary person's head spin from this diversity. How to understand all these newfangled names borrowed from foreign languages? How not to be mistaken with the choice of the format of the event and understand how it will suit You and will be useful?
in Addition to our own seminars, I also attend these events with other teachers. And as an experienced person, I will share with You practical knowledge. The theory You can read in Wikipedia.

so, the main types of training events:
✔ LECTURE - theoretical, exploratory in nature. Lecturer recite You the material on a given topic. At the end of lecture given a short time for questions on articulated material. Necessary to obtain basic knowledge on the topic.
✔ WORKSHOP - theory + discussion. Implies to the listener's theoretical framework on the topic and contributes to professional development. In the beginning of the event the facilitator can give a brief theoretical material and thus set the direction of the discussion. The discussion is happening in the format of "question-answer".
✔ TRAINING event on practical skills. Is narrowly directed character and themes. The facilitator will introduce the audience with practical tools to perform tasks on the topic of the training. Further, students receive the task in which work out skills of using the proposed tools.
✔ WEBINAR lecture or seminar conducted remotely over the Internet.
✔ MASTER CLASS - practical exercises in which the teacher shares his experience, talks of the algorithm and shows students step by step the process of manufacture of any product (photos, crafts, embroidery) or perform some tasks (study of attitudes, development of a business plan). The results You get the finished product sample or finished task. In the correct version of the master-class assumes that the audience is prepared and the master teacher shares his experiences, secrets and chips. In fact, in our country, the master classes call the whole practice
✔ WORKSHOP - same as master-class, but is more simple format. You are learning the practical basics for their level. Designed for the mass listener.

If You have any questions or You are interested in learning more about how poavilno select the training event and theme, and most importantly, how not to be inferior to the teacher, write in the comments

zakharenkova Galina
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