Тренировка воли - это шаг к здоровью...

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That honestly! I never cease to be amazed! Human evolution several million years. Million, by the way, is a figure with six zeros. I'm even afraid to think about the unimaginable, the unrepresentable number of tests carried out by brute force, which the universe is realized to just create something alive. I on are more accessible to consciousness – about the history of mankind. And still, just an incredible amount of time it took nature to separate a special category of living beings from other hominids and turn them into Homo sapiens.

Another 400 thousand years of natural selection, experiments on intelligence and Brawn, and here a reasonable man becomes our contemporary. Personality, able to invent and fly into space or climb to the highest peak, to assemble a Rubik's cube in 4 seconds, or to raise the barbell weighing 440 pounds. 100 years ago people could hardly jump over a 4 meter long bar, today, the record of 6.16 meters, at the beginning of the last century, the marathon ran for almost 4 hours today at this distance requires a little more than two. We are capable in intellect to compete with the computer, and in the power of animals.

But what about these millions of years of hard work on the fitting of molecules of one to one, macrobert magnificent puzzle called "man" makes most of our contemporaries?

It sits in front of the TV, opens his mouth and starts continually press the button on the remote, staring at the colorful pictures and consume all the slops sploshnyakom, together with advertising. A couple of years, reversing the entire history of evolution ago.

And the reason, in my opinion, only one. Developing their children intellectually and physically, we completely forget about the third direction for training: o training will. It is the inability to make the effort on yourself makes great genetic samples to consumers and citizens. Throwing their offspring into a network of hyperopic and supertobuy we convert them to childish ...and kill the civilization...

the effort comes from perevarivaya yourself. So basusero in childhood "through I can not". From "don't want, but it'll do." To cultivate children's interest in the most difficult battle – with themselves, with their own laziness, unwillingness, fear is the main task of the parent. You can teach a child to play chess, but one day he will meet a stronger opponent and give up. You can make him the strongest boxer in the city, but there is always someone who will beat him. To take a punch is not a question of strength or intellect. It is a question of trained will.

In fact, in modern society, the winners are not the most intelligent and not the most pumped up. All successful people – the strong-willed!!! Those who are able again and again to rise after falling, those for whom repetition is a lesson and training, and not stupid wasted time.

Remember a children's book about a boy who has a sweet tooth, which is brought will simple exercise when he really wanted something that was in the fridge, he approached and looked at the Goodies and left for as long as possible delaying the moment of eating sweets? Wonderful training! When something very much want, move a little moment of joy. So you will make the happiness of owning/recognizing/receiving the desired much sharper. Not doing immediately what you really crave, you gradually train to do things you strongly do not want.

each of us daily has the opportunity to create masterpieces in art, science or trade, do something new, to develop ourselves and the world. All that is necessary is to force myself to tear ass off the couch, learn new practices or to improve old ones. Little daily effort and we will not only preserve their own health, but also help evolution!

and finally, a quote from the book of Vladimir Serkin "Laughter shaman"

— still, probably not all there is in your diet.

— the Body can develop almost all substances. Just need to get it.

— How?

Three kinds of activity: emotional, physical, and volitional.

— haven't seen you there for emotional activity.

— You don't feel like I do. And I don't live here permanently. Looking for new experiences, to make the body work properly.

If there's enough activity, the person will be healthy?

— He almost never gets old.

— Why?

After fifty you will understand that the young man is always in form, as old as it gathers itself for life every morning. The correct combination of types of activity makes it possible to keep the shape.

After fifty — normal average life?

— the Average modern man after forty. But you learned to walk in winter on the tundra. This practice robs the city or all, or add ten years of the form.

how do you know?

— I was getting old and was getting old, and if I did not master a particular practice, I have not been.

— How'd you know about growing old?

— I lived in the city and observed all that occurs in the last time.

— what?

— for Example, the latest game in the football years will no longer allow you to play. The last hunt — age no longer allows hunting. That last shot is sick, the last woman to blow up. So modern man waiting for the last day.

— How'd you break it?

I was lucky. Life put in such conditions, which really had nothing to lose. I didn't choose this, and nobody will choose. And if had nothing to lose, I started a new practice. Most people die from it, but a few tens of thousands survive. I think that like me a lot.

— have to lose?

No rush, it will come with the years.

— where you started a new practice?

I began to creatively to your life.

— Why most people die from this?

All really new practices begin with the crisis.

— is It required?

— for Example, the child well creeps: quickly, accurately, safely. But gets to his feet and taking the first steps: slow, inaccurate, and even falls and disintegrates when confronted with.

— Okay. What you said about creativity, gives the correct emotional activity.

— Yes. But I'm not just talking about creativity. Creativity helps to understand the idea himself.

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