Треугольник. Любовный?

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the Summer was unusually hot, the beaches are filled with vacationers. Strangers were to each other close, many children. It was nice to see that many of the smokers were moved away from sunbathers at a decent distance, but not all. One smoker smoked near us, moving away from his, forcing me to watch him.

Family: young couple with baby and mother-in-law. The two women fussed over the device's beach locations, and a young dad who fulfilled the role of the porter of things, stepped aside to smoke, protecting your baby from smoke. I took off his sunglasses and stared at him indignantly – his gaze was absent. The young mother was unpacking baby supplies, swarmed in the stroller. Her mother actively something chewed, directing the actions of the daughter. Women took off their clothes, left in a swimsuit, mom took the bottle and began to feed the baby. Young dad, to my relief, ceased Smoking, sat on a blanket laid out on the edge, staying in shorts and sandals.

after a while I again drew attention to them. The young were left alone. The man allowed himself to lean back, leaning on his hands. His wife, having her naked young body tan, moved closer to him, but not touching. She looked towards the water, where noisy splashing kids and their parents. I wonder where is she looking at? Maybe at the baby, who in the sleeves settled on my father's back, hugging his neck, and so sailed on to the Pope, from time to time pounding feet on the water. And perhaps, looked at another mom sitting near the water, she was holding one hand of little, clinging to his chest, and the other hand helped the second kid to make mud pies out of the sand. Or she was thinking about something else?

Looking young men wandered over sunbathers. He did not seem to notice how his wife approached him. What was he thinking? It may be that, as dreamed about the baby and how the three of them will be happy? Maybe he just has problems at work? But then what's keeping him here? Came, but not undressed and not going away.

This small island in the bustling beach was eloquently silent.

But aside from sunbathing slender, energetic, not even the old mother-in-law, rhythmically paced, rocking the stroller with the child and singing a song to her grandson. It seemed very similar to my 45-year-old girlfriend, recently gave birth to twins. Yes, exactly, similar! The young mother looked happy.

Tatiana Nikulina
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