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Today let's talk about anxiety. Anxiety, Intrusive thoughts, discomfort in the abdomen or chest, is all symptoms of anxiety.

how do they appear and how to deal with them?
Alarm, it is always one of the masks of fear. In fact, you are afraid of something, but for some reason can't identify what exactly you fear.
The anxiety is different from fear? Imagine that you are in a completely dark room and see nothing, this anxiety. And if you turn on the light and for example see an angry bear, then it is fear. Fear differs from anxiety his konkretnost, I know what fear really is. If anxiety often happens to me is not easy and I can't pinpoint the causes of this condition. br>
typically, the alarm originates from childhood and accompanies as a faithful friend, a person's life. In some moments she is stronger, some weaker.

If you go to the depth of the problem, it is a basic lack of trust, both to the world and yourself.
the Trust lays in the first year of a child's life. And there are a lot of details: how to feel, mother, if breast fed, was calm, were there emotional warmth, enough if the tactile contact whether separation from the child, etc. it is very important emotional bond between child and mother, if the mother was worried and apprehensive, had difficulty, then the child reads it as a promise that the world is dangerous.
it's such a complicated process that rarely runs smoothly. But it's all about the underlying processes of the formation of the alarm.

But you are now adults and anxiety firmly in your life and now you need to learn how to interact.
One of the main rules: the idea the idea is not to win, the idea can be defeated only by action!

All my clients know that actually all our thoughts, emotions, feelings live in the body and you need to work in the complex, as with the body and our consciousness.
At the deepest level with anxiety it is best to work with hypnosis. Also there are exercises and practices to relieve anxiety in the "here and now".
Want exercises to relieve anxiety, write about it in the comments!
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