Тревога и магия в отношениях. МК


Invited to group psychotherapy in the theme of magic and relationships!

the Main tasks of the group “the way of the Witch and Magician”:
+to be and to eliminate barriers to the manifestation of these emotions and feelings
+to Define a real magic in relationships with people, events, and other
+to learn how to end a codependent relationship
+to Test the usual “magical” manipulation and find, apply to life more efficient and environmentally friendly
+to Try on the magical roles of the witch and magician, to integrate the necessary condition
+learn to determine the real state of mind from the fantastic
+to get Acquainted with your body in a new way
+to Distribute internal forces and return energy from multiple psychological trauma
+to Restore and remember how to be the master/mistress of my life without the background influence of anxiety and superstitions.

Procedure group “the way of the Witch and Magician”: for those who are willing to explore their own depths and make them clear. The basis of the process groups — the phenomenon of Tao, the principle of which is non-act, following the natural process.

the Main values of the group are: protection, security, manifestations of the participants to each other and the value each process on a par with any other process. So we follow the deep democracy with an emphasis on safety.

Who is the leader: facilitator. Speaking metaphorically, the facilitator can be a person without a face, without a history, or Vice versa, can be put on the “face” of a particular role and to help the client to build a relationship with her, clarify emotions, feelings and processes. The facilitator helps to show the process of the group members and group fields, is judgmental and accepting.

Who's the group procedural group differs from other psychotherapeutic groups that the role of participants can change, switch from one party to another. The group's ability to change roles allows participants to learn new patterns of thinking, emotions and actions. In the group box may appear roles and ghosts. Ghosts is the role of the background and those vague inexplicable momentary delusion that attract the attention of the participants casually.

the Master class of the group “the way of the Witch and Magician” will be held on
October 31, 2018 19.30 to 21.30

admission is free, by appointment
by phone: 8 926 276 87 90 (Galina)

Address of venue: m. Krasnopresnenskaya, Barrikadnaya, Volkov pereulok., 4, entrance 1, 4th floor, hall 3

I Will be glad to meet a wonderful holiday and evening
with you!

see you there! May the force is with us :)

PS Psychotherapeutic group "the way of the Witch and Magician" starts on 11 November at 10.00. Now there is a set. For details, refer to the training. Hurry up to apply by phone: 8 9262768790 and email [email protected]

Galina Garaeva
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