Тревога?! Как размыслить это состояние.

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Alarm — negatively stained emotion, expressing a feeling of uncertainty, anticipation of negative events, difficult to quantify premonitions

Anxiety we feel entire body. All of us know the state that occurs in the body, if disturbing.
- everything Inside is compressed. Cold throughout the body. Unpleasantly in my stomach. Inside something rises or falls, etc. - in a similar way describes the alarm state,

At this point is our mind trying to find the cause, to explain to us our state:

- With me now will happen something terrible? Where is it? Is not it? Then something terrible could happen to a child/husband/wife/parents if I don't see them now, and they are somewhere without me. If this happens, I will not be able to handle it! I can't take it.

What can be the source or cause of sudden alarm?

Maternal instinct – the need to protect and preserve her child.

- I am calm, when you see your child. I only trust myself. Nobody but me will be able to protect and save my child. If something happens, I'm (thoughts about yourself) will not survive this.

How to be in this case? To teach, not frighten!

to Teach the child safety rules in kindergarten, school, at home, on the street. To teach the child to respond correctly and quickly to emerging difficulties in communicating with children and adults. To teach a child to safely ask for help in special cases: to scream, to run, to call. To teach a child to take care of their health and life. To teach a child to inform parents of their whereabouts, answer calls and SMS.

If all these safety rules are observed, then when alarm occurs, ask yourself, "Can something now threaten the lives of my children?"

If the answer is "No", try to relax and do not look for "a black cat in a dark room when she's not there"!

had to meet with a situation where concern for the child's mother "squares". The father is not enough or not at all worried about the child, and the child's mother, believing that it's wrong, worry itself is the child's father.

- What is he for a father? exclaims the mother of the child. – His child care, he's not worried about the baby. And I'm exhausted from worrying.

How to be in this case?

be Aware that the relationship with her husband is another story. May be this increased anxiety and demonstrative distract from other painful emotions? If Yes, then you should look in that direction. Use the help of a specialist for this.

If the alarm is triggered and amplified after watching the news and criminal news.

Evaluate your environment intelligently, without emotion. The stories that scared you, hurt classmates of your child or your friends and family? It occurred near you? Who of your friends have been like? You believe everything and always 100%? Why?

How to be in this case? Comply with the security measures mentioned above. To protect your home, your life and the lives of loved ones. Watch and listen to programmes that develop, fill, make life brighter, and not Vice versa.

This is not my concern.

We live in the information space. Scientists say that the human brain works as a receiver and transmitter. This means that each of us perceives the information not only eyes and ears, but otherwise, as an antenna on your house.

This may be the cause of anxiety too. Imagine that passed by the man in "an alarming condition" and your "antenna" took this information and transformed it into the idea that your body responded in a strange alarm. The mind seeks the explanation of this alarm. You plucked all the family and the options of what can happen to them. Anxiety intensifies. Explanation this alarm.

What to do? Ask yourself: "is There cause for alarm?" Can send SMS to all who are anxious with the simple words: "hi, how are you?"

And to start worrying only when there is a reason for that.

If there is no apparent reason. If you have everything under control, tell yourself: "It's not my concern. She accidentally flew into me from a passerby, a hitchhiker or loud running from source information".

reason for the sudden alarm may be hiding in the past events of your kind.

All that ever happened with your ancestors, all the bad emotions and feelings are stored in memory sort. There is such a thing as "memory of blood". The family system has its own laws of development, and you as a member of this family system by birth, received this experience as a legacy. If your situation is something slightly similar to past events, you can experience such emotion. But this is not your story. You have a different destiny, and you live in a different time.

what? to turn to the experts at family constellations, to avoid the cause of the alarm and share the fate. To live your life.

Refer to the experts to see the causes of their anxiety and learn to manage the situation with awareness.

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