Тревожные сигналы в развитии отношений

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For many years, the advice is still relevant theme is light-hearted attitude to the girls from the stronger sex. Before we turn to the semantic pattern of this term.

What is considered to be a frivolity?

  • the lack of the hardness of beliefs and views;
  • rash actions or words
  • rash decisions
  • part of the foolishness of man, expressed in these or those actions, words, and so on.

Come to me girl on the advice and with tears tell, say, trust, sincerely believed this man, and he betrayed and escaped. When asking more detailed picture of their relationship turns out some of the features that contributed to generalization and, I hope, will help in the future, the girls to avoid complications.

so man and woman met and bonded. No matter what is a point of convergence for intellectual values, a love of Formula 1. It is important that the process of relationship run.

that draws the attention of the girl at once, but because of certain circumstances(namely because of the "pink glasses"), is unable categorically to end the relationship at the initial stage?

1. a Young man calls her by name. Yes, Yes! To understand this is very hard, but in such a case, manifested by low emotional component of his attitude towards her. (We do not take here the examples when you have completed a certain number of years of marriage, when a couple mutually dogovarivatsa "Bunny" or "Masika". We are talking about initial stage of a relationship!).

for Example, lining up a virtual or verbal conversations without the use of a name, even in passing.

the Girl patiently waiting to hear his name, but the miracle does not occur. It remains impersonal.

2. Young man looking at other women. a classic of the genre. And now looking forward to that many men will speak about his nature and that's totally fine! Arguing here is pointless. But imagine the situation., when a young man offers to go sit the girl in a cafe or walk in the Park. And much of the time he looks at other girls.

a Little of professional practice: "When we went out, he took my hand. I was so pleased. It was the first touch...And our third meeting. But as we walked, he kept stare at other women. And it wasn't that they somehow sexier dressed or provocative. His eyes went from one to the other. I was very disappointed...". And again, the girl waiting patiently for when he will become more serious.

3. a Young man calls and says not every day...But even if it happens again come anonymous messages-messages.

It may disappear for a few days, then call or even arrive. But it all comes down to the fact that he takes relationships too lightly, in contrast to women. Explanation no usually not supplied.

thus it is obvious that the relation man this girl is nothing more than a game, flirting, having an affair. However, his aggressiveness, pressure for a girl very often distorts the objectivity of the girls. "Why, he calls me first after all!".

on the Basis of professional experience, I notice that the intelligent, modest, decent, smarter girl than most she encountered men, which devalues it. The paradox, unfortunately, but a sad reality.

Psychological advice here can be reduced to the fact that the girls were learning how to control your personal boundaries. If You offends the behavior of a partner when You can't hear her name when waiting for it night and day, and it may appear next week when he's lustful looks at passing women, immediately break off communication. Even if You fell in love...

Just as in life nothing happens. And this experience should teach You to take tough decisions against those who devalues You and does not respect.

Hope Arkhangelsk
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