Три фразы любовной зависимости

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Love addiction is an insidious double love. It begins as beautiful romantic courtship, Dating, talking about everything and grandiose plans for the future together. But then gradually comes the realization that relations are somehow wrong. Them disappear of happiness and ease, difficult communication, there are doubts and suspicions. It certainly does not mean that come the inevitable break. Dependent relationships can last a very long time and sometimes a lifetime. But is this really what I wanted.

How to understand love or addiction?

Very often, the first signs of love addiction it is possible to determine already at the initial stages of a relationship. But in the heat of love on them, few people pay attention. Moreover, they in some cases even cause delight and feeling of incredible depth of feeling. Everything happens like in the movies or in the novel. This background can clearly be heard in the phrase exchanged between the lovers. Only then in the beginning they sounded so romantic, and the passage of time has become a heavy stone, which inevitably pulls down.

so only the most popular:

"to Live without you can't" - sounds nice and promising. But what is behind these words? They mean that you need to survive. For these purposes man needs only in early childhood, when, without a mother's care, he really will die. In adulthood it must have sufficient resources for independent existence. If not, then the person seeking whom he can use to make up their own deficiencies. The key word here is "use".

"for the Sake of our love I'm all ready to donate" - how to refuse such a generous gift. Only true love requires sacrifice. If the relationship assume that the need for them to give something subjectively important and valuable – personal interests, desires, and all of the current to the moment of the fateful encounter life, then it is not about love, but about the relationship.

"Without you my life is not sweet" - here is a complete self-denial in the name of the relationship. But what is behind it? I think that your own life partner and its contents are of no value. Subjectively she is devastated and the relationship he has global and impossible task to fill this void. Further we draw conclusions on how it will treat resources partner and will they suffice for two.

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