Три фразы маркетологов, «заставляющие» нас купить ненужный товар. Будьте осторожны!

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Marketing is psychology in its purest form, based on manipulations by influencing the human consciousness of words and verbal symbols.

  • just think about it — created a separate "science" on how to get more money out of the pockets of consumers.
  • It introduces us in a kind of trance, forcing lightly-redundantly wasting your money.

And under the onslaught of this cynical "science" we are losing the battle for your wallet.

Each of us mistakenly believes that advertising methods are too clumsy and obvious — "I then certainly they will not work".

unfortunately, this is a great error.

Advertising slogans are developed by professionals, they knew how to lull our vigilance, making us soft and wasteful.

Judge for yourself well how here to resist when:

  • a beautiful girl with TV screens languidly urge to try a new wonder drug;
  • elegant, men in suits talk about the benefits of a new car model (without which your life will be dull and not "successful").
  • sounds contagious music, the constant vivid images flashed before my eyes, native advertising...

the Attractive pictures quickly "fall" into the subconscious "zombifying" us policy immediately forcing to buy something, the existence of what we see advertising not even suspected.

As a result, learning is seen in the product on store shelves, our hand instinctively reaches for it (after all, so irresistibly want to buy it in the hope of getting a little closer to a beautiful life, shown in the promotional video).

In this collection I have collected 3 cunning phrase of marketers, they invented for "divorce" us for money:

1) "Because you're worth it"!

Obvious and hard manipulation, gently influencing our ego and makes us feel "special".

  • Open and obvious flattery is still the most effective method of advertising.
  • From these words, and Bank card itself is "popping up" of the purse (to pay for a product that did not need it).

2) "Sale! Today only"!

This phrase is like an alarm clock "wakes up" the sleeping greed, and like a powerful vacuum "pumping" money.

This feature of our behavior have been noticed savvy sellers and now shamelessly use it — hanging the announcement of the limited promotions and sales (inciting a person not only lower prices, but also a small quantity of products).

Though the discount never fade:

  • There are shops in which discounts are permanent (for example, "drains" and Outletы).
  • There are shops, the pricing of which is the appointment on all sold goods there one low fixed price.
  • wholesalers and large retailers do not make a profit on the markup on product, and sales.

3) "you only Live once".

Using this "philosophical" publicity stunt, marketers put pressure on man's fear of the inevitable separation.

  • Desire to succeed in life "to try everything" causes us to rush and not think about their actions in China.
  • Many people belatedly began to realize that we are just "cash cows" for huge corporations. Better late than never!
take care of your wallet! First buy the assets and then the liabilities and beautiful "baubles". Following this simple recipe will make You financially wealthy person (and not a storage room, dusty clogged with unnecessary things)


  1. Beware of adware provocations (save your money!).
  2. the Money should "work" and to generate revenue (and not mindlessly tangerasa, disappearing for 2 days immediately after salaries).


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Stuart McPhee
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