Три изюминки. Упражнение на осознанность

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Exercise can be performed both independently and applied in the treatment of eating disorders and generally with any psychological problems as practice environmentally friendly and conscious attitude. When you run is important as quiet and privacy.

Take three raisins and place them on a beautiful platter.

feast your eyes on them as they lie, like, all the same, but if you look closely, quite different. Each has its own distinctive pattern of lines, its shape and even the color varies.

What is similar, what is the difference?

How to lay against each other?

What associations?

Take one raisin in your fingers, look at it closer, turning on all sides. Look at the lumen. As she peeks through? Stisnite her fingers and try to touch. What feelings and associations arise?

Smell the flavor. What do you smell? What's it like? Maybe you have any memories?

When You have a good smelling flavor from all sides, clamp it between the lips, feel good feeling. Roll the zest from one corner of his mouth to the other.

Move the highlight to the language. Feel its shape, texture, taste. Move the highlight to different parts of the mouth, observing the sensations. Oral sensations associated with early childhood memories. Maybe float one of them.

Start to slowly chew the raisin, biting off little pieces, noticing the taste and tactile sensations in the mouth. The longer You chew, the better.

When the highlight is fully chewed can begin to swallow it, carefully watching the process.

Stay a little alone with yourself, sensing the aftertaste of raisins.

so to repeat three times. Well, if you can chew each flavor for 3 minutes. But first and good.

it is Interesting to compare the feeling after eating each of raisins, how they are changing.

If you learn how to eat food slowly and consciously, the saturation will occur earlier from a smaller amount of food, and the health benefits will be more. I wrote about this in a previous article "Bread".

New discoveries about himself while doing exercise!

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Svetlana Shmeleva

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