Три основы для крепкой семьи

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Sometimes it makes you wonder why some families for many years to maintain warm feelings, mutual understanding and respect, while others cannot overcome even the first barrier.

that's what I've been able to identify:

  1. Shared goals and values. There is always something that unites them and children here we are not taken. Here is an important General, it is desirable long-term projects which are directly two. It's never one dream of a house in the village, and another figure he is not needed, but he closes his eyes and turns, something like we're building a house. Another thing, when both are lit the joint idea and making steps to meet her, whether buying real estate or travel, anything important that would be wanted and sought real two. Values are also incredibly important, they are more than similar in a pair, the easier it is for spouses to understand each other. So create as many of their family traditions and customs, begin with the elementary: evening tea parties, Saturday Breakfast together, but with anything that you like:) And these aspects should definitely clarify before marriage.
  2. General interests, leisure. When the couple has classes that will captivate the two of them, give new emotions and impressions. Such partners will always be something to talk about, what to remember and what to schedule. And collectively experienced positive emotions significantly strengthens the relationship and sometimes they are so cool to take a dip. But it is not necessary to forget that everyone needs their personal space and time.
  3. Harmonious sexual life. It is very important that each partner was sexually satisfied and able to share their desires and fantasies. Often see at the reception couples seeking completely different queries, but in the process of counseling it appears that the sex life drops, dissatisfaction increases, and often it affects other areas of the relationship. Make new colors in your sex life, don't be afraid to experiment, sometimes very useful to go beyond the usual:)

And most importantly, over these points is never too late to start working!

Love one another)

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