Три «пожирателя» ваших денег (эти 3 ошибки не дадут вам накопить достаточно денег)


Money is "a very strange thing. They have, once they are gone."

  • anyone who has ever tried to save money, are probably faced with this difficult-understandable feature of money — they spent 100 times faster than earned.

Although... if it's not money, but our inability you treat them right?

let us Consider some errors that do not allow us to accumulate enough money (no matter how passionately we didn't want to do it).

1) "That was then and hoard"

typically, receiving money (salary), the person immediately starts from them quickly "get rid" handing them out right and left.

Queue for our money built long before the salary day to pay the rent, buy a travel baby, update your wardrobe, to congratulate a colleague on his birthday, go for something tasty for tea.

this Is our life — there will always be good reasons to immediately spend all the available money.

  • Always someone our money greater need than ourselves.
  • that is why we have not been able to make savings, because the money is instantly "fly", and they simply do not have.
Tip. Makes sense IMMEDIATELY after obtaining paycheck to set aside some money in a separate account for their accumulation. Otherwise, you again step on the same rake again and will remain alone with his empty purse.

2) "to put Away — closer will take"

This folk wisdom calls us careful to treat valuable things:

  • don't be lazy and think ahead about how and where You will keep/store their savings.
  • History shows that a frivolous attitude to money, to no good leads.

pyramid schemes, scams and newfangled crypto-HYIP "take" money from gullible suckers, guided by the "method of Alice Fox and Cat Basilio" from the movie "the adventures of Pinocchio"

On the greedy not need a knife:

it will show a copper penny

And do with it what you want.

as long as there are fools in the world

Deceit to live to us, therefore, with his hands.

We are not proponents of robbery.

a fool not need a knife:

Him with three boxes lying —

And do with it what you want.

Citizens save your money!

  • Learn how to preserve and enhance.
  • Keep their savings in banks with state participation.
  • Stay away from FOREX trading, cryptocurrency, and other ways of instant enrichment.

3) Imposed services and hidden charges

Banks, mobile operators and Internet service providers have brilliantly mastered the art of "Stripping" their customers for more profits, which are not explicitly specified in the design of a service.

Hint. Carefully read all pages of the contract that You sign. Check your payment history (whether there is excessive or unexplained withdrawals of your funds). Disable all services that You do not use.

Take a little of your time — and always remember that "every penny counts".


  1. If You do not care about their money, they will soon be concerned by someone else.
  2. Remember that success/wealth does not occur over night. Learn to effectively handle your money.
  3. invest Regularly and consistently, build your capital (the income from which will fully cover You and your family).


1) I Recommend to read HERE with a collection of "ANTI-big SPENDER", which is prepared by the educational portal "Alphabet of Money" especially for those who have leaks money like "water through fingers", and did not get to accumulate a significant amount.

2) Read my other article "What skills are needed to become rich".



  • While you are alive, there will be problems. And these problems, if You let them, can knock you off your feet.
  • They can even break you if You allow them access. Keep your tail up!
Stuart McPhee
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