Три причины бедности

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People love to look for reasons and someone else's wealth and its poor financial condition.

  • is it Always rich "FORTS"? Is it always the poor has failed?

Yes, always! Because the rich man chases (and finds) a good opportunity, while the poor, hard refers to insurmountable life circumstances, and the unfavorable position of the planets.

the Most common causes of poverty (which, actually, is not fatal and can easily be addressed):

1) "the Crocodile is not caught, does not grow a coconut"

People who failed to get out of their financial problems, consider themselves losers in life, "collects" all the unhappiness.

"What they do is not going to." boss no luck — miser, not salary increases. Fellow upstart "ran the road". Suddenly broken washing machine or fridge, and no money to fix (have to borrow). Persistent "hole" in the budget. The complete lack of savings. Rising debts, etc., trouble with finances.

in Short, of all the luck in life (and complete financial illiteracy when dealing with money issues).

Life and financial disasters overtake the wealthy. Just the ones in case of force majeure, have stockpiled "financial pillow", do not allow undue extravagance, and well able to take your money.

2) "you only live once. Walk so to walk!"

Poor people become at once:

  • Poverty (serious financial problems) occurs because of improper handling of money.
  • it is impossible to get rich if expenditures chronically exceed revenues.

Maybe it's time to change your financial habits to those that bring in the money "in house" and not take them?

Admit its responsibility for financial mistakes — stop looking for excuses, look for opportunities for early correction of the situation. Get rid of financial ignorance!

3) Loss of competitiveness in the labour market

whether we like it or not, but the time has come for market relations.

Getting a new job (or continuing to work on the old), we "sell" yourself — your knowledge and experience, ability to learn, operability and usefulness for the employer.

  • the needs of the labor market constantly change.
  • to always stay in demand and well-paid specialist, you must meet these requirements and to keep pace with the times.
If you grow as a professional in the business, and your chief is not in a hurry to improve your RFP, it is necessary to find to search for another job (where will appreciate your competence).


  1. decide to be rich (and to stop being poor).
  2. Eliminate the causes of poverty, move out of the way to your financial well-being.


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Stuart McPhee
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