Три причины возникновения проблем в общении


If you have problems in relationships with family, relatives, friends or colleagues at work, it means that you have sense to review the principles of self-organization. That is necessary to understand how well you interact with your psyche and whether you have all the necessary tools for communication and behavior in different communicative situations.

Three main causes of problems in communication

  • You do not fully own their psyche, and occasionally she throws you unpleasant surprises. The most common "surprise" is the acceptance of the reality of their expectations and illusions. Expectations are too rosy, when we see what we wish to see, and too dramatic: when we perceive in a negative light neutral or even friendly words and gestures of our interlocutors.

  • you do not Have the necessary means for understanding what happens at the moment of communicating with your contacts: most likely you either do not pay attention to it, or your assumptions about what is happening not very true. You may also not fully understand the expectations of your participants from this meeting, and what it means to them.

  • you Have not developed or are underdeveloped necessary for communication communicative abilities, to put it simply – formed you have a natural way of communication skills is not enough for building interpersonal and social relationships. You not fully convey to the interlocutors their thoughts and wishes, your words do not encourage them to accomplish those things that you expect from them.

There is a fourth reason, which is a consequence of the above reasons is the lack of semantic and organizational ground for interaction with other people. Simply put – you don't have to talk to them because you have no common interests, and you can't ask the General topic of communication.

The psychologists can help the person experiencing difficulty in communication:

the Situation of psychotherapy allows you to experience different types and in different communicative situations.

First of all, it was the psychologist himself comes into communication with came to him a man. It establishes contact with him, enters into communion, identifies relevant themes and issues. The psychologist manages the conversation and demonstrates the seeking to have his communication skills. It allows you to experience efficient and effective communication to master some communication skills and techniques.

In the process of psychotherapy is simulated and different communicative situations in which a person usually experiences uncertainty or problems. This allows him to learn the proper behavior in such situations, which helps a lot in dealing with people in the real world.

learning the correct interaction with your psyche

Psychologist identifies "destructive manifestations" of your psyche, and explains how it prevents you to communicate with other people. Most often, the psyche distorts the perception and understanding of what motivates and drives the behavior of your interlocutor. Figuratively speaking, those are the glasses through which you see their interlocutors and the situation of your communication, be thickly smeared your emotions, false assumptions and erroneous expectations.

Very often the psyche, preventing the person to communicate with other people, actually sends him the right signals that might warn him against possible mistakes. But sometimes people do not correctly understand these signals, ignoring your intuition and the results of personal experience, and the experience that they have absorbed from different repositories "achievements of mankind" (literature, cinema, art, the national mentality and the collective unconscious).

the Development of communication skills, as well as the communicative and intellectual abilities of

Psychologist identifies that the current skills of communication and helps you to develop and improve. In addition, it identifies your "dormant faculties" and helps get them to "Wake up" and learn. Very often it is necessary to teach the minimum necessary communication, intellectual and organizational skills necessary for adequate communication and building relationships with other people

Andrei Gorev
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