Три простых способа начать делать дела.


Hello dear friends recently, the topic of self-motivation and personal effectiveness for me is particularly relevant. First, I asked many questions subscribers about this topic, and secondly, and secondly, as I have in my life Practitioner and a tester, I test many things myself and enjoy sharing this with customers.

So, when we start to plan any work we have in mind seem to be most often the most difficult process. Well, this feature of our brain. And so this process seems to us very hard, difficult executable, it is difficult to implement, and therefore, when we are involved in the implementation of any work, we often concentrate our attention to minor things away from the original target.

Only don't we do what we need and what we planned)).

Suddenly, for no reason, it seems very important to write someone an SMS, drink coffee, watch the tape in social networks, to talk to someone on the phone, that is, we switch to some sorry stuff)).

Often fly by the minutes, days, weeks, and we never start to do something and go somewhere and finish what we had planned.

Each of us have heard this aphorism, a good start is half the battle. I would put it that the beginning is 80% of our business.

Why I think so? The fact is that in any endeavor in our brain starts to trigger the Zeigarnik effect.

Not going to delve into the essence of the experiment, but the meaning of it is that Volfova Bluma Zeigarnik proved that our brain remembers best action is interrupted or incomplete in time.

That is, in fact, if we have already started to engage in any business, we often will feel an inner discomfort from its incompleteness.

for Example, this principle works very well at the household level, remember favorite TV shows, where, in fact, each series ends at a very interesting place, forcing us to wait for the next, next, next so on.

similarly, when we start any business we have included this the Zeigarnik effect, which we have essentially focused on work and gives enthusiasm.

the main question Here, as I promised to respond, so as to force us to start to do something?

I will share with you the same methods that I personally use).

  • Five seconds
  • One of my favorite rules to keep yourself motivated, this is a very simple 5-second rule.

    For those who want to become more familiar with this method, I recommend the book by American psychologist Mel Robinson in which she describes in great detail the essence of this technique.

    what is the essence of this rule. You count from 5 to 0 and as soon as say 0, begins its work.

    for Example, I need to write an article on this website, I believe 543210 get up and start writing, it was difficult to understand what is happening here the principle works in our brain. But if you remember in our childhood we, too, always playing any games of read in reverse, a rocket sent into space, too, think in reverse order. I think the meaning here is that when we count from 1 to 5 increasing we have end, we have continued the numerical sequence and increasing uncertainty. And when we consider the reverse order, then continue there))). And on the other hand can be here and no and no principles, and works just our faith in it, but it's important that it works for me and other people.

  • Principle of flow. And you can give him your name. What is it?
  • in order to implement the sort of thing I'm planning, I came up with three consecutive points, the most simple, the most primitive, but constructed logically and connected. I give myself permission to only run 3 points, after which I honestly say to myself that if I something don't like or I don't want to do, I'll stop, but coming to this decision I need only after passing the third stage. Here I'm going to cheat and if after three levels, I don't want to continue, I stop and won't force yourself))).

    for Example, I need to do yoga. I do three things: I take the Mat off and the third come into the gym and when I'm with my band spread out a favourite rug, then the atmosphere won't let me go)). And I do not want to leave. And I suppose, it's very cool works and helps. If you do 3 simple things 4 to do not appear to be somehow difficult and the process has begun.

    3.Way the deadline.

    for Example, if I need to make a presentation, I choose to discuss it with the person whose opinion is to me really important. I artificially set some time, when I meet with this person to discuss his presentation. For example, I leave for 5 days. I hereby appoint myself an artificial deadline. And it turns out that I'll be ready by a certain time and there is no options, as they say)). Of course it is very important to this man was that with whom it is not convenient to postpone and to justify. So dear friends try and apply, do and unsubscribe who as it turns out all the best and see you soon.

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