Три совета от психолога- что делать, если мужчина недостаточно инициативен в отношениях?

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Very often in relationships the woman think that the man were not sufficiently proactive, takes responsibility for those areas of life which she calls "men's work" and all....Many moments to explain a bit awkward, but something just annoying. How to be?
Here are some tips:
1. Learn to speak. Do not rely on the fact that he is all that he needs to understand. Just learn to negotiate. Talking little, but in essence, asking the right questions. Do not forget that in negotiations the most important "Active listening". From your words he will understand what he wants his woman. The right questions come across him that it was his decision to do as you ask.
2. To give the opportunity for man to make decisions. Women often already know, dictate what he should do in a given situation. Question: "When you are together, who have all the responsibility?". Of course, he is. If you do everything yourself, he will relax, get used to it, will not acquire their husband or partner, and child.
Example. He's doing something, and you terribly don't like. Keep yourself in hand, do not meddle with the comments, don't criticize. Seal her mouth with tape. Men learn from their mistakes. Open mouth, if he will ask you to give advice. And if he often asks for advice and you don't like it either, and say, "You're a man, you decide." His business is his responsibility. In the future he will take responsibility for global issues.
Your delicacy will reveal him as a strong, vibrant personality. Thus
3. Encourage and motivate the man to take responsibility for addressing important issues.
Example. Give the opportunity to decide in which month you go on vacation or in the place. You can prevent, your choice would be better. But if you ever take away his desire to take the initiative, do not be offended further that he had no desire to make their own decision. Even if he makes a mistake, you together with will pay dearly for it. But he will keep the habit to make decisions and to take responsibility for it. For that you will respect him.
it is Important to praise, it motivates.

Konovalova Elena
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