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what can I do? What is this?
What is this situation teaching me that I need to understand and correct?

Svetlana Wrote:
(reprinted with approval of the author of correspondence, names have been changed)
"Andrey Nikolaevich, good afternoon.
I was surprised and upset by the recent event.
If you remember, I told you, probably in the spring about Alexei, Amateur show off and be complacent, You have a Narcissus called.
So. He again began to write to me again to send a photo, what he does, and the like. And yesterday and called.... And all he was interested in my personal life, with whom I work......
I started to tell, and before that he wrote, about his intentions, about their goals, and in conversation he began to tell that I was wondering what kind of man I'm interested and what I see....

He began to brag that he's such a hero that he had three women he met over the years, how it helps them, how they rest, how solves the problems of their children.... And how they wondered when he would be with her....
Why he told me this, I have no idea....

And then I began to "poke" that I can't do that I live in a rented apartment, and men I have, and not interesting and not necessary, and that the age I critical and stuff like that....
And that I the men to be kidding, what did I marry does not take any... And I was one.... and what if a person married and will, in a year run away....

I do Not know what provoked this situation!?
last Night I all of this said, and in the morning wrote again when we meet again.... To make me happy like....And again, what is the subring trying me as something to stab, to hurt, to humiliate my dignity....

What is it? and for what it is I need?
Some unpleasant feelings..... and all he tried to hurt my self-esteem, and said that I already can't do anything that does not work, and all that sort of thing....
This was yesterday and this morning....
it was very unpleasant, made me cry....

what can I do? What is this?
What is this situation teaching me that I need to understand and correct?
Andrey, explain please.

do Not worry, Svetlana!
Before life gave You a "check", and now gave a test.

if You are On the right path?
whether You do?
So whether You come from?
are You Ready to continue to move in its direction, or get back on track?

I Remind You that "self-Esteem" in women.
Have dignity!
It lowered by Men and lifted by Men.

This is the path You choose for yourself.
You have Previously been one way. Else You did not know and did not understand.

Today You will see and understand that there is another way, another way of interaction with men that you're going,and the man said:

What are you doing? Who Are You! Look at you!
Not to show off, I come to comfort you! Once...
I many are so comforting... yesterday told...

Think You upset at this?
What will you do next?
Who has the right to give You an estimate?

be calm.
have a Good mood!

I understood everything, Andrei.
Even funny now.... That man is so acted... I am grateful to him, really...
I'm just now reading a book about self-confidence and self-acceptance, and self love...
Here and check stuff...

thank you very much, Andrei."

as a result of reflection on this conversation, I want to say the following:
Every person understands that you CAN get what you want!
But, not everyone will be ABLE to do it in Practice!

All depends on three basic Conditions:

the First condition is to have the Desire or motivation to action. If not - everything else is meaningless.

Moreover, people may even say that he has a desire that he wants, but then begins to sabotage his own actions to postpone, and so will never make what you need.

the Second condition is knowledge of how to move from point A to point B.

a Clear, step-by-step, specific, descriptive, relevant.
If you wish, but there is no knowledge, everything will go very hard.
If there is no desire, but have the knowledge that everything will not go.

If you have both, it will depend on how independent the person is:

- there are those who are only two conditions - a few of them, I think, not more than 10% of all;
- there are those who need something else!

a Strong shoulder and a wise look, an encouraging word and answers to questions, even the stupid, help in fixing bugs:

the Third condition is a mentor, trainer, coach (can be called anything, the essence will not change). That is more experienced in this matter the person who will help, cheers.

If you have all three conditions, then the person does and receives the result.

If there is at least one, almost always not.

now I look at my colleagues, friends, clients, and see that in 90% of cases, supporting those who have met these three conditions.

where to begin?

I Propose to start with clarifying your Desires, because setting a wrong direction movement, you can be in the wrong place. It may be that I wanted something other than what happened today, and sometimes quite the opposite.

This You can do by signing up for a consultation "Diagnosis of Desires"

- Pass Diagnosis of presentation, expressing his Desire;
- Refine the wording of his Desire;
- you will See the obvious reasons hampering the fulfillment of a wish;
- Receive initial recommendations for the fulfillment of a wish.

Participation: in Skype, no charge.

registration Link:

After registration, during the day, You will receive a response by email.

Cherkas, Andrew
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