Три вопроса для жизни

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a Series of events has run its course. One replaces the day-to-day. The only change is the music in the headphones and plans. State more like sleep, where actions are performed on autopilot, and even the taste of your morning coffee have become habitual. We do not feel, we know what it tastes like. br>
And know not only the taste of coffee and the view from the window of the familiar landscape on the way from point a to point B. we Know that we have the morning to brush your teeth, eat Breakfast, go to work, work, work, come home and spin out in the home. And under to go to bed, in the morning all over again. br>
We know. It is a fact. And little wonder, what we do ultimately to where we are going. Meanwhile, there are three important issue, able to bring people out of autopilot mode.

For what? Yes, Yes. Whatever you're doing or want to do something? A seemingly simple question. But also a dead end for many of those who hear it. You can hear different answers:
work for money;
live with the "unlucky" husband for the sake of the children;
are dealing with a toxic mother that she was not alone, etc.

This question is rather about the meaning of what is being done. And the sense of wonder is sometimes more important than anything else. br>
Why are you doing this? Why would you...? This is the next logical question. Why do actually need the money or maintain a relationship with her husband in the form that they are, if they are not satisfied? Here even hang out with the answers. And go into meditation. Maybe the first time in my life. Bold and brave are told that the money to maintain life, and the husband so that the children then have blamed that dad did not live. And the relationship with the mother can be maintained in order to she loved. br>
That is the issue rather to the plane of motivation can be attributed. The answers to this question most often heard these or motives. If you repeat this question several times, it happen is an amazing insight.

And what one feels and wants? It is impossible to avoid this question. It has two poles: the feelings and desires. Not casual. Desire without true feelings dry and can be about. Feelings for the sake of feeling also do not live, they tell us about our needs. The answers to this question can even be ignored. Man does not know what it feels and wants. Not able to feel and to want. If feels and wants, that can be scary. Suddenly fail? Suddenly can't? Want to be a gardener, and whether to pay for it? But if my husband and a good relationship to build, you may lack the knowledge how to do it.
However, the honest answer to this question can be and start moving forward! br>
I Dare to answer these three questions?)

Babko Catherine
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