Три закона денег. Что нужно знать, чтобы разбогатеть


there are three basic rules of money, which is guaranteed to make you financially wealthy person.

  • These laws are very different from those that "promote" esoteric, fen-swesty, sorcerers and other "wizards" of wealth and abundance.

the Following laws are derived, through many years of activities in the field of Finance and personal 25 years of experience working with money and investments:

1) the Ability to wait — the main skill in the field of increasing your money and investment.

Investment — business not fast.

  • Obviously, the invested money will return and bring income only after a certain period of time (this period is also called "investment horizon").
  • That is where you will need patience (that has not turned out as in the joke about the Chinese, who on the day after sowing of rice began to dig back because "I'm hungry").
a Small hint: Invest with the expectation to provide capital not only themselves but the next generation of his family. Don't have to have a large amount to start investing. Make a rule for yourself to invest monthly a small portion of their earnings.

At the same time, patience can be your enemy if you procrastinate and wait too before the first attachment.

Start now. Not paying attention to the high exchange rate and the sad state of our economy. The perfect moment for the first step will never come — just step ahead and invest 10 % of his salary.

2) it is only Free cheese in a mousetrap.

After the man decided to become an investor and gradually shaping your family assets, opens a vast number of roads and options for investment.

Not to grasp at the first offer on the investment or the most profitable:

  • Beautiful "wrapper" does not guarantee the deliciousness and usefulness of the "stuffing".
  • don't be the one "command" at the promise of another financial pyramid or gave money to a Scam, cleverly disguised as a respectable Finance company.
a Small hint: don't expect to get rich easily and quickly. If it were that easy, then everyone around us would already have become rich millionaires. First and foremost, pay attention to the reliability of the proposed investment, and only in the last turn — on promised yield.

3) the Financial crisis — the fastest road to wealth.

In times of crisis many people make mistakes, lose their jobs and their money.

However, the financial literate people can make good money during the General panic:

  • this should wait for "sell" the good assets (real estate, businesses, securities, etc.) at bargain prices.
  • And such sales will start, so you always have a reserve of money for such situations.


  1. Learn patience: to get rich quickly is possible only winning the lottery (and even then not for long — no wonder people say "easy money easy come, and easy go").
  2. do Not trust too great offers. Scammers never sleep!
  3. Another crisis in the economy can make You lose everything, and maybe get rich. Be prepared to take that chance.


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Stuart McPhee
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