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for four years I regularly give to teenagers and young adults. Today I want to share the methods of making such big training as a “Trail of confidence”. It is good that it can be used for both single and multiple groups (in case of group departure, for example). In my case, it was children's camp and recreation. The bottom line is this: prepare several stations with different tasks, participants move between them with his leading, always in complete silence, if possible, and the situation with your eyes closed. I prefer groups of participants 15-20 years, for me it's the most interesting audience. Therefore all exercises will be considered as time at that age. You can adapt the station to virtually any group. Preferably before starting to spend acquaintance, and after the start of the Trail of trust. A basic set of exercises you can look in the manual

Grecov A. G. the Best exercise for team-building.

I choose 4 units at 3 stations each, total of 12.


  1. Physical strength – job "to move the parties” from one point to another.
  2. physical Contact – exercise, where participants need to be in the personal area of the Ice, the Open, Hand motion.
  3. Puzzle – participants are invited to solve the problem together.
  4. Test yourself – exercises that cause discomfort, such as slump, Raise up on your toes. ! Execution - is strictly voluntary and in a safe manner!
  5. “No sense” - to perform exercises in this block the participants will have to use at the time any part of the body/senses. This may be a blind passage of the maze with voice help from other members.

For each audience I am trying to find a particular set of tasks. For example, for younger students is more games, puzzles. For an adult audience already interested to arrange more complex tasks, where it is important to be able to feel partner. For example, one of my favorite exercises – “you Find out who you touched”. To do this, Select a volunteer from the group, he is getting back to her with my eyes closed. One of the remaining participants is quiet suitable and commits the action: to hug, to touch, to shake hands. In short, depends on the imagination of the participant. Then he returns to the scene, and the volunteer has 3 attempts to figure out who touched him. In each group this exercise was a great success, but with a personal mood.

it is Important to reflection, or shearing after completion of all stations. The participants received many impressions, they need to discuss new information about themselves and the group.

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