Тройная спираль Милтона Эриксона


Simplified diagram of the framework of the metaphor is this: you start telling a story number 1, about the middle of its interrupt and start telling the story No. 2 which is also interrupt in the middle. Then you completely tell the story No. 3. Then you finish the story number 2, after which the complete history of No. 1.

History under the numbers 1 and 2 are fully recognized and remembered by your partner, and history No. 3 forgettable (and very quickly) — in it you and include instructions for subconsciousness of the partner. To avoid confusion in the sequence of histories, make yourself a diagram.


Sometimes it's nice just to sit, relax and
to hear an interesting story or even a story. I loved when my grandmother
would tell me stories before bedtime. br>
My grandmother was a wonderful person. One of the most
her favorite activities was reading. She could swallow a thick book for a few
hours. So we were frequent visitors to the library. br>
Once going for the next batch of books, I saw the librarian,
carefully zakleivayut old,
a worn book. That book was called "a really strong man who is stronger than their desires." br>
Grandma really liked it when I chose her book,
so I had to remember the names of a great number of books.

when I grew up and studied Ericksonian hypnosis, began to understand what a huge impact those
tales on the formation of my personality.

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