Труба зовет или кто, если не ты

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my name is Artem Perks, I am a practicing psychologist, teacher of psychology. Help people resolve their psychological difficulties for a more conscious, full and, consequently, a happy life. And I really want to talk to you.

I was sitting Here, reading my text. And in my head a whirlwind of thoughts and a lot of queries. I want to figure this out, because who, if not you, to take care of you. But constantly delaying the address to the psychologist.

Well of course you'd mind. Like, I'm here on the website psychological, browsing profiles, and scary because so just, take and turn.

"This is too expensive, this is strictly looking with avatars, similar to my teacher, this generally proposes that the astral analysis of karma!!!", - you grumble and all are waiting for a specialist. Wait,so when you look at the profile of a psychologist, something inside whispered, "Gods! Here it is, my psychologist!!!"

you can Wait a very long time. Life gets better and easier. You need help and support, and you don't get. That is a fact. And so sank is a mystery. You need to see a specialist and already in progress to determine if it fits you or not.

So, for you, I decided to become something like a sign. Like, you think to ask for help, I think, and then - OOPS! - my article with seasonal discounts. And you - "it's a sign! It's time!".

But seriously, Yes, I invite you to work this fall. And to make it easier for you to decide, announce a summer promotion for their services. The campaign will last until 31 August 2018. If you apply before the specified date, you can purchase a session in the fall at a special price. So, make up your mind not to sit the autumn evenings alone, without a psychologist.

so, I propose:

- the cost of the session in August, 600 rubles;

- when you purchase five sessions - 500 rubles;

- individual learning profiling - 600 roubles per lesson.

Again, to purchase a session for a special price you need to have time until August 31!!!

If you still think, I doubt, I suggest you to take a chance and contact me. Visiting at least one session, you'll take an important step. Moreover, to do this I suggest you at a minimum cost.

Come, will work.

Perks Artem
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