Трудно быть красивой и упражнение «Плюсы и минусы»


Promised to tell you about how was the next session with a girl from this article Form or content. Exercise

to be honest, Oksana target because she went to the resistance, but as a girl prone to analysis made the following conclusions:

"Remember that good wine often drink from plastic cups, when I'm with friends at a picnic and it doesn't cause me rejection.

And instant coffee, to me, is so nasty that drinking it will not under any circumstances!

a Beautiful dish for me has always played an important role. And still, I'm not going to drink this powder, even fine China.

But, I thought, and met with one of the two "programmers".

I, nevertheless, answered their message..the dark lad to chat was not interesting. The fair we went to a cafe.

but the miracle did not happen and chemistry too! Pleasant and interesting guy, but not mine. After the meeting was to answer him in monosyllables, and communication came to naught..."

of Course, Oksana understands that if you want to chat with a man, you can gradually get used to it, and then may appear the attraction and even when something like this has happened, only the girl doesn't want to waste time on it.

She would not break itself, to the detriment of meetings with friends, trips to jazz concerts. And time is running out.

How would the girl not-so-confident in their appearance?

she Probably would date if "good man", according to the principle: "I blinded him from what was"

And this, as you know, too, there are pros and cons

About the benefits not the most beautiful appearance, I wrote here:

Notes ugly women. Five benefits of "ugliness"

This exercise, I suggest to do if you think your appearance is too good to settle for a partner who "catches" at once, or conversely, not good enough to wait for "the sea weather":

  1. Complete the label, write there everything what do you think is an advantage or a disadvantage in building relationships with men
  2. Count the number of pros and cons
  3. Rate, what is more
  4. Think about the resource you have what you consider a disadvantage? (from what they warn)
  5. what's your dignity can serve you, to put it mildly, not very good service?
  6. What You learned
  7. How do these insights will help you to look at the situation from another angle?
the Advantages of my situation Cons of my situation

P.S. Back to Oksana. We have worked this time very productively perform constellation exercise that I called "Female Balance" and even began to create her personal deck MAC. Only this will tell you how some other time.

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