Трудно психологу быть магом?


About horoscopes, stars, the moon, and magic, magic and a lot of interesting things we heard everything. We can say that it is an integral part of our life, and also associated with its biological part.

I am very sensitive to many of his colleagues, sharing the vision that we are all different. Different, but someone does not allow himself to think otherwise, often being in some kind of cocoon, limiting the views.

When my colleagues write a variety of interesting articles or publish articles on the theme of the mysterious and unknown, they are bombarded by criticism Aki the times of the Holy Inquisition. "And that the psychologists?" "How are you doing eatontown!" . And meet a lot of unpleasant reviews about the metaphorical cards, hypnotherapy, even "get" the philosophical knowledge of the Ancient East about the body and soul of man as irrelevant to science, and therefore, the "value" is not.

I Think many understand what I mean.

So, blaming "neoakademizma" colleagues who somehow are forgotten and the very Foundation of psychology as originally from Greek "the words of the Soul" , distant from the material world of substance, and its highly productive areas as analytical psychology, art therapy, etc.

meanwhile, remember the definition of MAG A. and B. Strugatsky "Monday begins on Saturday".

MAG is not the object of cautious admiration and gratitude, but not annoying Cintura, personality is not of this world, which constantly lose points, not able to face the bully and in love with the girl reads selected passages from "a Course in differential and integral calculus".

let us Try to understand the reasons for the distrust of psychologists working in astropsychology, symboldrama, art therapy and other involved areas.

1. unfortunately, I have to admit that some psychologists still mislead customers "magic tricks", bothered his head due to lack of competence in a particular subject, that is an escape from reality, often leads to dissonance and unresolved issues.

2. Objectively in our society is very low the Institute of psychological assistance and, accordingly, the psychologist is often equated with psychic or fortune-teller.

3. The arrogance and unwillingness to share the opinions of colleagues coming from the condition in which often we all find ourselves.

About the condition says Carlos Castaneda calling him "bubble of perception".

Sorcerers say we are inside a bubble. This is the bubble in which we were placed since its birth. First the bubble is open, but then it begins to close until it locks us within ourselves. This bubble is our perception. We live inside of him all his life. And what we see on its round walls is our own reflection.

Studying the human soul, Yung a lot of attention to the experience and knowledge of the alchemists, which is reflected in the following:

"the Vessel" in alchemy means the enclosed space of the soul, which is the process of individuation and cultivated "philosopher's stone", which is nothing like integrity, wisdom, "self", the authentic being of the person.

however, as noted by K.-G.Yung, the great value of astrology and various ancient philosophical and mystical systems of man and the world in General. Not accidentally, Jung's appeal to the metaphors,symbols and archetypes as products of the human psyche, the collective unconscious, as the translators a special meaning, which allows more fine work with the human soul.

Hope Arkhangelsk
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