Трудоголизм. Как его распознать и что делать?


Workaholism. How to recognize it and what to do? br>
Friends, You wonder why the working week is exactly 40 hours? Why leave a person should be every six months? Why is it invented and whether it is necessary to observe?

the Answer is simple - it is NECESSARY!

Doctors and psychologists have long proven that if a person works more than 40 hours a week and goes on vacation (just leaving and not sitting at home and making repair) twice a year, his health begins to decline, the person starts to become irritable or Vice versa is closed. A person with such a violation of the regime of work and rest lost friends, not start a relationship for one simple reason - because the friends and relationships you need to find the time and the day, as we all know, only 24 hours. And more of them won't, anyway. You have to understand that if you work 12-14 hours time left for sleep, and minimal care! br>
Workaholics usually say that but when will be favorite or favorite, then I will change the schedule, cancel processing and will build relationships. Believe that only the workaholics. In practice, that this man appeared in Your life it also takes time... Suppose You met, met a girl or guy, had a moment. And then what? Do you really believe that your employer, who used what you are working for him day and night, thanks to this saves You another regular unit, it is easy to agree to do You again 8-hour day? Quite naive, if that is exactly what I think. So Your relationship will be instantly trampled by the heavy boots of Your boss.

the SECOND one
Workaholics say: "now just such a period, earn money and build a career and pay my mortgage and start working with it!" Remember, friends, my rule is: BETTER than anyone IN the FARM WORK HORSE, BUT the CHAIRMAN IT AND did NOT! Finally understand: the employer You are comfortable in a low position and struggling to make money. All your successes, which is how You console yourself that You have rented decent housing, a mortgage and passionately waiting for the increase, and in fact just come home just to sleep. Because of the fact that You are not getting enough rest - Your efficiency decreases, You begin to make random errors and the employer starts to notice and finally takes action, expelling You on the street as waste material and hiring at Your place the next workaholic

Workaholics say that we need to work more to provide for the family and child. And wife constantly says: no money, no money. In man a man wakes up, and he says I should provide them with a comfortable existence. And he begins to provide: goes to work while everyone is asleep and comes when everyone's asleep. Brings home a wallet of money and a sense of accomplishment lives so a certain amount of time, and then suddenly learns that his wife has a lover, whom spends his earned money. When his at work asked what grade his son, he starts frantically counting years and still confused. And it turns out that this workaholic 35-40 years, maybe sooner, built and paid for their own unhappiness. Wife left him for another, because her husband all day at work and she do not have anyone to talk to, and then the neighbor just came over with salt and away we go.... Son doesn't respect and despises the father, because he did not receive his education. The result is obvious: all Your bundle of money was less valuable to your loved ones than your attention!
to Break the vicious circle of Your beliefs is not easy - there are always circumstances and friends that will try to convince You that it is necessary to wait.

If You do realize that workaholism sucked or You sucked long enough, You know who to ask for help bright beam flashlight in that dark tunnel

the head of the Clinic Kind of a Psychologist
Alexander Klochkov

Klochkov Alexander
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