Very often in these discussions about relationships, the question sounds: "How to understand that it – true love?" I want to ask – why is it necessary to understand? And if I did, I would have said something like this:

- to know whether this person continue to be or to look for another;

- to know – it is time to marry/to get married or not yet, still have to wait for true love, and then start a family, and then will meet the very real, and only later...

Even such Institute in the imagination arose. The pair come down there, pass the test and they issue the certificate: "Hereby it is confirmed that K and L are experiencing true love, giving them the respective rights and burdens such obligations...and the list of rights and duties...". Or Vice versa, the pair passed the exam, and they say: "Alas, you only have a strong connection, a good friendship, but true love of the element of fire is not enough, not put you certificate". In fact, some – like a bucket of water on his head: "unfortunately, you have a merging of the first kind, and not true love, you both need a therapist to work through childhood traumas..."

From the same area question: "is There friendship between men and women?" Some will respond positively, others negatively. Those and others are right, because they will bear in mind a completely different relationship. But not knowing about it, will argue, citing various arguments in defense of his point of view. And all – just, they fell into the trap of language, where friendships between people of the same sex and people of the opposite sex, there is only one word. And you can enter the new word "drugima" - for heterosexual people. Then drugima exists between a man and a woman, and friendship only between men, but between women – let it be "drugie".

Maybe I'm wrong, but I think there is such a model of "TRUE LOVE" one in all. Each person is unique, complex feelings for his partner, a unique and volatile, it changes almost every second.

And it is not necessary to assess their own or someone else's in order to make a decision – to develop the relationship further or to look for others. For this solution do not need, and the ability to listen and hear your feelings. And to be honest with yourself when answering the questions: "this is the man for me – the only one or one of the possible options that are suitable for (family, short novel, long pleasant relations, but without any obligation)? If tomorrow I, or my partner in trouble (lanostane disabled), what will happen to the relationship?" And then many things become clear without any references. Yes, let the Marina, Dasha, Peter believe that this man isn't a good fit, and with such people to create a family is impossible, and your relationship for true love not like. Marina, Dasha, Peti – their experience, their feelings, its own scale, its own picture of the world

Barkovskaya, Svetlana
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