Love is not jealous…

We are looking for her, the REAL, the one, forever… Love with a capital letter.

What is it lik? What criteria allow us to understand that here it is – TRUE!

If we had a poll on the topic “What is true love?”, then of course you would have heard a lot of opinions, sometimes even contradictory.

everybody has their own idea about love. In younger years, this idea is filled with romance, ‘ukrasheniyami" of the illusions and even the euphoria, though, is with people who “follow” happens.

But here, I will touch on only one criterion, in my opinion, the key.

True love is the one that allows the partner to grow in the relationship.

a Partner can be a spouse (in the broadest sense, be it a civil marriage or other joint interaction), son/daughter, mother/father, etc.

Immediately say, that does not relate to love unhealthy forms of interaction, when the growth, if occurs, through the pain…

Yes, it happens.

Happen in our lives and those who gives us the pain experience and we are falling and rising like grass through the asphalt Prem through it, for growth – the natural tendency of a living organism.

What is there to love! – the mighty man shall cry my reader. And I understand, BUT, through the knowledge and awareness of the pain we learn to distinguish a destructive relationship from a healthy, and this is not growth, not growing up?!

When we stand in the position of the weak child, or hit it under the negative influence, one way or another seek to heal and grow and it is only our and our challenge. To rely on “semolina heaven” in this case it means to remain in the same childish position.

Should become for adults first and foremost in relation to itself – to grow themselves, to increase what is lacking. The truth is that this path requires effort and it is not exactly easy.

we always Have the choice to leave it as is or grow.

If you don't have enough of an adult that would help you get back on your feet, and even worse dropped you at the first, second attempts, then look for someone who can help. There is such a profession if he decided something, come on!

And the costs in time, money, effort they will pay off your maturation and development.

Much more convenient with their feet to go through life than on artificial limbs or crutches, though much more responsible!

Determination – the first act, and then only to forward and not to retreat – by purpose – to grow.

say goodbye to children's position Oh, how not easy, because it gives a lot of hidden benefits, and to admit, I don't too!

Like ‘adult” “child” not to hear, because the first is already out of his pants grew.

If we talk about the position of the psychologist in therapy, it is not equal to “child”, who came to him for help, but rather neutral, but as soon as he feels in you “anger”, readiness to embark on growth, it is possible you will encounter a provocation and it will be the tempering shower which will strengthen your I until, until you find yourself in the position of a Grown Adult.

At this stage you will start to defend its borders and will finally learn selectivity in contacts with people.

It is only a little child ‘all in the mouth pulls”, and maturity – this is selectivity, the ability to distinguish, to make a choice and do it yourself.

the Psychologist will not solve your problem, and will help to stand up and own to allow it.

In this sense, the profession of psychologist is the ability to love our neighbor in his unique individuality.

Remembering what it looks like true love, a client calls and to yourself with love, and then to the world and to other people.

Love – not a rescue, when given, even if not requested:  here it is no thanks to you, because you are responsible for your desire, your actions and then and children would not be offenses.

Love – not the victim,

when he gave the last tolerated before the illness, or worse death, so another helped, and he died. What is love?!

Love – freedom, freedom to choose and the gift-the gift of freedom to another (his own freedom).

Love, not when the fish fed, and when taught to use a fishing rod, i.e. the love – the essence of teaching, a skill that is so important and necessary, which, alas, we ourselves and our environment so often substitute something entirely different.

But never too late to learn! Can grow, to rise and begin again! To learn to love!

the One who truly loves does not envy, is not afraid of your success, he can teach you love and care about your body, soul, and then you can learn how to share this knowledge, this ability, skill with others, if he wants of course, because love can NOT BE!

there is No love with his fists or “for your sake”. Love is patient, it is not the doctrine through the pain, as an example, an example of the ability to love!

Knowing the love we gain wisdom.

PS We often confuse the concept, waiting for some kind of special love – that which we have learned from childhood, expect, or demand it of earth man, not giving anything, expecting other than myself, but over the years, looking at people, interacting with them we learn to distinguish the true from the false and ever exactly understand and accept with gratitude the experience though not simple, which gave us the universe (or God, who how it feels and understand), because at this point we realize that there is love in the world, the one real, because someone or something more inaccessible to reason, gave us the experience of LOVE, allowing us to grow.

In making your experience, will help you love and words below (affirmation “love”):

I accept your experience and thank the universe for patience, strength and wisdom.
I realize how it was painful and difficult, and also aware as I was(a) blind(a) on the way and appreciate your expertise.
I realize that as did not trust (a) the wisdom of life itself and sorry she and himself for his blindness.
I thank universe for its gifts that I have and that could (could) see them.
I am grateful release those who have wronged me and hurt, not justifying them, but understanding their role in my life.
And I especially thank those teachers who helped me grow.
I release all thoughts, negative emotions, freeing your heart love!
I attune with the light of other hearts and I use this light for the right choice. I trust him.

I trust the light of love.

Be happy.

With love, AA!

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