the Trust is formed based on the feeling of safety and security, guaranteed by the leader of the group or team in the organization, and the child its parent. And also through an emotional connection, which is established either directly, as in the dialogue process, on the basis of some shared experiences; through compassion and sympathy to another person; in a joint experience of some strong emotion, and of course, in their joint discussion, in which attunement and occurrence of resonance. When one person finds an emotional response in the soul of another, understanding their problems, and receives a response to its request in decision and desire to help.

Aggressive people - not those who don't want love, and those who can't get it to. And trying to plug their holes in the soul (psyche) is a different person, "devour" it, creating an emotional connection on the basis of the inclusion of another person in yourself, in your feelings – "hurt me, hurt you", "I suffer – you will suffer and you". "I will unconsciously do everything to share with you my pain! All!.. so you felt and that you understand how bad I feel, how I hurt, how I suffer!"

Sometimes confidence is confused with their projections, then making claims and blaming - "I trusted you! I thought you are! You lied to me!"; or with certain expectations from the other that he told us something was due. Therefore, to not beyond constructive conflict - the collision of different perspectives on one and the same subject, defines some boundaries of the field "trust" and a trust relationship. So you will not have grievances and demands with the explanation that, "in my opinion, I had someone in something short - that is, I have someone in something that is not granted" and thus betrayed my confidence. As there where begins the showdown, the relationship ends.

So the other person must, first, understand what is expected of him and I want to get, and was about the least informed, and at best agree on this. This conversation is always a two-way dialogue for joint and shared arrangements. These are the steps that need to be done to meet each other, to being included in this field of interaction on the basis of uniform rules - you can safely build and install strong and secure emotional bond.

In fact, the mechanism of activation when you create the link or when player is attacked (since the attack, manifested the same desire to destroy) is the same. Just creating a link I included in the other person, concentrating on it, trying to understand him, empathizing with him. And attacking the other, in the quest to destroy it "eat" (in need to destroy, because the death is destruction), I include the other in yourself, in your egoism, in order to understand me and sympathize just me... But in any case, I do it to other people felt the same way that I feel. Conscious intention is different, the unconscious one, as desire is the same, with a request for understanding, compassion, empathy, acceptance, in pursuit of the feeling of love.

because, really, in the consciousness of their own uniqueness, your individualism, we neither suffer nor rejoice "in one" can not, always unconsciously seeking, their experiences with someone to share. And the more people we share these feelings, that is, they as though give, the feel, or less suffering, or great joy from sharing her empathy.
We always share with others their emotions and feelings, because without this suffering for our psyche just unbearable, and the joy in full measure in it is not felt.
moreover, both the sufferings and joy we receive only through interaction with others and through the influence of others. That is, through the influence of external environment, which, therefore, shapes our worldview, a worldview, our consciousness - our common mind.

Yulia latkina
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