– I don't trust You! – angrily exclaimed the new patient. – Well, still work on myself. You've already all scratched. Better not touch me!
In a four-chamber hung the half-minute silence. Nobody expected from a new patient of a monologue. I came to know her without looking at her chart not to treat the person discriminated against, upon learning of his diagnosis. I introduced myself, said I was a psychologist, and here it has begun!

– Why not trust? – I asked, touching the arm of the patient. But to answer the question she didn't want, and even accused me that I scratched it.

Well, there is no way, Your right, – I said quietly and walked out of the chamber. Never before in my practice I met such distrust. Opening medical records of the patient, I saw the diagnosis "Paranoid schizophrenia. Remission." Patient age over 60.

the next day I went back to the same house. Valentina* (the so-called new patient) behaved quite differently. She kindly smiled, said that she is doing well, and began to tell about his life, about relatives, about the health. We have established a full understanding. We saw each other almost every day until Valentina was discharged from the hospital. About the circumstances of our acquaintance we never remembered.

Valentina quietly turned into a smiling, cheerful, lovely woman. She soon made friends with other patients, with interest communicated with volunteers who gladly participated in the services held at the hospital, the father of Alexander Eaves - Orthodox priest taking pastoral care of hospice patients and nursing departments. In worship we went along with it, I was holding Valentina's hand.

Sometimes Valentina came to visit for the patient-the Protestant, well-versed in the Bible. The patient is the owner of a very beautiful and strong voice. With it you can even sing Christian and pop. Before discharge, Valentine told me that you want to send this patient of her husband, to inspire his faith in God.

Before you leave home, Valentine went to the staffroom and talked to the doctor. Then I sent it to the chamber.

– I all life was afraid of the authorities, ' she said, smiling. – And the doctor – he's also the boss. Therefore, before to enter the staffroom, I first prayed, and then opened the door.

Oh, I understand You. I'm also a little afraid of the authorities, – I smiled. And prayer is always appropriate.
"Yes," Valentine agreed, and we said goodbye.

Paranoid schizophrenia. The behavior of the patient are characterized by suspicion, tension, aggression, hostility. Inherent irritability, secretiveness, isolation, intolerance. It was acting Valentine, when he entered the hospital.

the patient may develop postsinapticheskih depression with high suicidal risk. That is why the nurses of the hospital were concerned that on the night Valentine was trying to open the window.

But the next day the patient was just not to know! Attentive and friendly attitude of a physician, psychologists and nurses, lack of overcontrol and providing a particular degree of freedom has done his good deed. And volunteers helped, and of course, father! That the patient has this diagnosis, now I could tell just records of Valentina, but in any case not its behavior.

And what about the window opening we also spoke the next day. Valentina herself had broached the subject. She said that night she was stuffy, since the hospital was still on heating. She wanted to open the window, but was unable to do so, as the Windows are too high off the floor. Now it became clear that no suicidal ideation patient was not.

We all kind of miss Valentina.

(* the Name of the patient changed)

.... .... .... ....

Article published in the newspaper "Medical Bulletin" 22.11.2018 in category "Literary contest. With a"t"rocna help."


– I'm not devaraju! – Suvorov premove new patsientka. – Well, eighth, ASCE I rock raspuskaet! You Myane go so parapal. Lepey not micronizes Yes Myane! the
chetyrehmetrovy Palace Paula pahuna CChina. Nhto not Chaka hell new patients takogogo manalogue. I pryshla pathname s her paparazzi not sassy ¡jaja records, no cab stazza preduzeta Yes chalaveka, davedays great Yago diagnos. I predstavlena, povedala into I – Shalah, and eighth Pacha here!

– Chamuel not tavarez? – pereputala I dacross Yes rock patients. Ale alkesvozh on pytanne John is not pagadala, dy ASCE abunaize Myane ¡th into I jaja was patrapali.

Well, not so not, Your rights – spakoina premove I I vyyshla s chamber. Ncol Raney from the pile practice not cuticals I z takim just kedavera. Alkrys medical records patients, I bacila there diagnoz: “Paranoia shizophrenia. Remsa.” Wzrost patients – 60 Hado.

nastupny Zen I SNO pisla W ¡th the chamber. Valencia* (so zval new patientku) pavoju the shabu go tusm PA-hamu. Jan dobrzyca Shalala, povedala into ¡jaja so good, I Pacula rachavadee great pile vandals, SWACO, samaccount. We h her codon presumes I bacilla Amal skin Zen azhno pakul ' John is not wypalania s balnce. Ale great abstane of nasaga of saastva we ncol not Shadwell.

Valancy nezavisna peratures VA Smedley, priyatnuyu, simpatichnuyu janino. Jan hutka basebrawl s him pacientam, s cevasco contactable balancers z, z sadanandam ozella ¡nabozenstwo, aka Lizzy have balnce ICEC Alexander of Straha – pravoslavi sweater, yaki, apacheta pacientam hops I azzalina sestrinskogo hotel. On nabozenstvi we hazl times W her, I padtrymlivae Balanco hand.

Taksama Jan Sahaja ¡GOST Yes pacienta-Protestant, that good vedae Bblu, may velim, prigozy Golas I times z ACM can navat puspawati pesni – hristianskie I pop. Peyrade vypuski Valenza told me into Hoca nakhrewali Yes gataga paciente, svago husband, KAB Yong nathn Iago in faith ¢ God.

Peyrade tym, jak EHCI Damo, Valencia sisla ¡ordinatorskoy, aguarela s oracom. Potym I provozu jaja Yes chamber.

– I see life balasa of the administration, Primula Jan z usmeshka. And RAC – EN MS taksama nacelink. Tamu peyrade tym, jak zajsc ¡ordinatorskoy, I spochatku ramallosa, I talk potym uzho adchina zvery.
Oh, I understand, Bo taksama kriho abivaus of the administration, I osmanlica. And Malta scale darechy.
– So – Piazza Valencia, and we razvrata.

Paranoia shizophrenia. Povodny choraha, harakteryzuyutsya padronanza, naruzhnosti, Agresso, faragasso, restrainness, krytycy, zamkniety, nezaret. Menata so I pavoju the shabu Valencia, Kali pasture ¡balnce.

joraga Mozhayev razza postliteracy depresja s Wysocki acidly rizky. Tamu nurses byli sanaakaan tym into nacy Valencia probavala preaching vacno.

Ale W nastupny Zen patientku was simple not pasnice! Uvalle I dobrzyca scalene race, pschology I medsestra, adsotech swisscontrol I productin pany stupen freedom srbl pile good right. After valanchery MapaMap, I konechne W, Batushka! Great toe into patsientka may tak diagnos, caper Muggles respawns talk medical records Valency, ale hi ¡ECM time hi jaja puvodni.

naket pryadchenko vakna we s her taksama rasmalai on nastupny Zen. Valencia itself satranala Gatou temu. Ian said into nacy she was stuffy, Bo ¡balnce Asche was Luciana azepine. Jan hazel preaching vacno, but not smagula gataga traci, Bo vokna, mezzacca of Sanada high blood pressure padlog. Caper all was zrozumila into nach acidly dumac have patients was not.

We see kriho sumuel PA Valance.

(*Of patients zmenena)

.... .... .... ....

Articul natakamani ¡gazete "Medical Herald" 22.11.2018 have rubric "Literary contest. With a"t"rocna help."

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