Trust in the relationship


Many people think that when they get passwords to mail, social networks and mobile their partners, is one of the trust points.

I Think it's not really about trust. It's more about control and the desire to get into the space of your partner. Thus a man or woman cope with the anxiety that occurs just on the basis of mistrust.

In this case, there is this idea: if I have access to the personal space of partner, I'll know about all his Affairs, and, therefore, I have no secrets. However, the reality is that secrets can be in your personal space needed by many. And this personal space is formed in some other place.

In fact, it is not about trust, but on Distrust. Whether we like it or not, but we feel that we are not trusted. And also on the level of feelings we begin to justify the expectation of our partners. Moreover, if you dig deeper, the one who has violated trust, specifically building relationships to justify their distrust. Such a person attracts people and situations in which every time he confirms what he believes :)

have you ever Noticed how differently we behave with people and what are our side show? The man asleep many reactions and actions until that moment, until he meets someone these reactions are detected. You can perform this in cooperation with friends. Each of our friend – the mirror, which displays some sort of our part, and we, respectively.

they Say, "trust but verify". But no one tells you how many people are not prepared for the fact that they checked. Let me explain what I mean. He examines, controls, leads a conversation with your partner. In the end, you discover that the partner was caught, lied, hid something. No matter what kind of passion or deception. The important thing is that it is difficult, painful and unbearable. And then what? All cases that I know, is reconciliation and trying to build relationships. The people who do that. Some don't, and as a result people differ.

Before Express disbelief, you need a lot of time to think. Honestly answer the questions:

what would happen if I find out that the person lied, hid something, hard.

And ready if I was ready to end the relationship?

And is there a risk that I'll forgive?

Enough if I force the oxen to justify his / her behavior, and just walk away?

do me the willpower not to get back in a relationship when anger and resentment?

And if I'm ready now to learn something that I can hurt?

When we find out that the man lied, hid something, got carried away, we feel pain, resentment, disappointment. It turns out that when we climb into the personal space, as if we deliberately go to this pain, hurt and disappointment. And then the most important is the willingness to end the relationship. Otherwise it makes no sense it all to shake. But if I forgive, then forget this episode in forever and no longer use a password of your followers ;)

Why talk about termination of the relationship? because without trust it is difficult to be in a relationship and build them.

About trust is this where we ask for the passwords of our emails, social media and mobile? Everyone decides himself. I tried to explain what could be behind this.

Trust each other. Justify the trust of each other. Love each other.

can't trust – refer to the psychologist :)

PS article does not apply to the category of people who tend to cheat, modify, etc. an Article about the trust.

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