Trust in yourself and life


Today I want to share with You the story of my life. It was in November 2008, in the midst of the economic crisis. With one bag and an absolute confidence in the correctness of the decision, I moved to Saint Petersburg. Friend says I made a list of the 10 most needed items that, apparently, was in my bag, I don't remember.

But you can clearly remember and feel their condition. The state of faith in yourself, trust life and full confidence that all will be well. I was moved, not with the idea to see to try and if that – come back, and with the intention to stay and live in this city. In that period I have no doubt that may be different.

I had a clear goal and time frame in which we had to meet. To rent a house for 3 days to find a job in 2 weeks and buy a home within the first year. As a result the housing I took off on the first day – in a three-room apartment from a very nice woman who taught Chinese and Koreans Russian as a foreign language. Work found for 2 and 5 weeks and their first home-a room in a communal apartment bought in 10 months. Emotionally the first year in St. Petersburg was for me a very simple, but the feeling of correctness of the chosen path gave me strength.

I Now with great awe and gratitude look at the 25-year-old girl who trust life, believe in themselves and in spite of circumstances, difficulties, opinions of others, pursued his dream. After that my life were different times, sometimes my faith in myself has gone in the negative, advancing the state of confusion and lack of understanding where to go, the fears and doubts enveloped me from head to toe. At such moments helped me contact with the 25-year-old girl who was full of confidence, energy and enthusiasm. This was my resource, which allowed me to go on the bright side of life)

If You don't have enough confidence in yourself and faith that everything will be fine, remember the time when You were in this state. Feel it with every cell of your body. Recharge this energy and see a new look at yourself and your life.

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