As a kid, I often spent the night at grandparents. If I went to sleep with grandpa, then he had his daily dose of terrible tales about a boy and a lady. And if the grandmother... Oh!!! My grandmother had other stories. She talked about the fact that men only sleep well, how to wear a boutiques what are the slits in the clothes attractive in a woman, and what it does, what is important in a woman's wardrobe that bags can not save that manicure is important that the clothes should be enough, but it must be only you. But most importantly, I learned from conversations with my grandmother is shoes! Shoes should be of the highest quality, soft, unusual and decorate the leg. When grandma walked down the Avenue to do a manicure during my lunch, and I visited her over the glazed cakes, I saw her long before we met. Light coat, a scarf, a small purse, a sleek hairstyle and shoes. Always polished, shiny shoes.

the First time my grandmother bought shoes like lacquer. I liked them so much that I every 15 minutes out into the corridor to see them. This gloss!!!! Laces!!!! Carved sole!!!!

At 25 I was in the tub my husband looked like he was looking at me and talking about shoes. He looked at me and said that I will never be able to buy me expensive shoes. And then I thought, and immediately said that he would be able. And he was able. He actually still buys me different beautiful shoes. But it's not all in the shoes.

There are things that reflect. Ours is not to talk. There's no need to explain. You just look at the shoes of the person and realize that it suits you. Well then this 6 sense, or the ability to read for detail. Something like this.

the little things-God. Details-God. It of the parts is the integrity of the person. The intricacies of the filing itself, highlighting what is important, and darkening that again.

But more important is the legacy that I received from my grandmother. I am her granddaughter, daughter of her son. And I'm part of the system, which was important entourage. Well, things. Things that are said about the person more himself.

Often sitting in a cafe I look at people who are trying for their appearance to understand something about their lives. Shoes-here's where I start my analysis. Of shoes grows up, the man himself. It appears together with its internal transfusions this stage of life.

many years have Passed since that moment as there is no grandmother, and even more since I went to bed with my grandmother to listen to her stories. But every day I feel that the shoes are more to me than shoes. That person, the soul and the state of that understanding people will notice or read. But if he doesn't notice-he's not my man.

With all the tolerance and loyalty, around me there are few people who are indifferent to shoes. And not because it's important to me. But because this is the part that requires another reading. Reading something important, internal, deep. But it's important to me. And now I think will remain important forever.

Kulbitsky Catherine
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