Твоё отношение к событию делает событие таким...

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once again talking about the reality...

What is reality and who defines it?

it is Known that if in a conflict situation, to interview the participants, they will tell different atoms and the opposite details on the event. If one and the same person to interview about the event in a different mood, or after some time, he can tell very differently about the event, and the details of the incident when the stories are so different that one might get the impression that this is a different event.

But there is the usual relation of people to the events. There are those who find only negative aspects of the event. There are also those who tries to see positive possibilities and consequences of events. And those and others claim that this is the reality!

So it turns out that reality is very subjective and is very dependent on domestic policies. This means that people can choose for myself what happened.
1. The football world Cup in Kazan.
a) It's awful!
Blocked the whole city, no not pass go! A lot of money spent on it!
b) It's wonderful!
There is a possibility to go personally to the match, proud of the country, the city, to use after the championship all there was to it built. And this stadiums, roads and parks...
2. Has introduced a compulsory online register.
a) It's awful!
a Lot of money has gone into it! There is no opportunity to shelter income!
b) It's wonderful!
it is Much easier to submit a tax return! Stop to shelter from taxes their income and collected taxes will build hospitals, roads!
3. Increased retirement age.
a) It's awful!
Now to roach, the work will have to the death. And so not all of the pension live! Only in our country do not appreciate people!
b) It's wonderful!
Pension will be more, although there was a danger that money for retirement the state will never happen! Will have an incentive to stay healthy in order to live until retirement! Infrastructure will be created and the system in order to be able to work in good-paying jobs to 63-65 years. Even more so in retirement you have to work. Only work in retirement now, or not find, or for pennies to work. And the pension women in Russia under the new law will be one of the earliest in the world - 63. In Germany, the rich Western European country has long pension for women to 65, and in the next year or two will be 67 years old.
and so on and so forth.

it is possible that many people will undertake to prove that reality is relative to the world Cup, pensions, taxes and a lot more is that...

I do not argue...
I'm on the other.

I mean,
the world Cup is already underway in Russia!
In order to collecting taxes already adopted a law on online the box office!
the Retirement age are already preparing to increase!
And many others that are already there and not dependent on your desire it will be!
Accordingly, your very negative attitude only change your emotional state. And it you want? When you are in anger, in sorrow, what's wrong with your health that your creative activity?
All right. They fall.
And it is useful if you have it?
of Course not!

What to do?
Yes, in the world around you, things happen that you really don't like!
Yes, if you're able to change things in their favor, it should be done!
But no wonder people say that "After a fight with his fists do not wave"!
And if there's an event to change you not for you is much better to look for the opportunities that this event provides and implement them.

Someone might know that in Chinese, the word crisis has two meanings – opportunity and danger. This emphasizes that everything in the world is relative. Any crisis creates new opportunities.

Another metaphor on this topic:
"what you currently think sends you to hell or to Paradise". Not far away, afterlife, heaven hell or heaven. But right here and now you go to hell or to heaven depending on how you build your relation to the event.

Why there are those who see only the new is good, and there are those who see only the bad? Many reasons for this and many hypotheses on this topic. Do we really need to discuss is the "why"? Well find out... what?

There is a habit of the people...
mainly to See the damage or see opportunity.

I propose to include awareness when thinking about the event. I suggest consciously choose the attitude to the event.
Choose the attitude that will go well for you!

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Ivan Matryona.

a Psychologist, medical (clinical) psychologist, family psychologist.

Matrenin Ivan
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