Твои ошибки в отношениях


my Friends, these errors compiled on the basis of the test and your questions, direct messages in instagram, comments. My dear, I'm not ignoring anything, reply personally, I of course do not have time, but I can see...
so there you go, note in comments the number of the mistakes which had been made most often! br>
1. Hardest partners postpones the inability to hear each other, what happens for the reason that one of the partners or, worse, if both partners cannot be more clearly understand and to understand their desires, their feelings, and boldly to say about their experiences. This error gives rise to perpetual quarrels, findings-out, disappointment and expense. And it can continue forever, transitioning from one partner to another until while people will not realize that they need to understand themselves and their desires, to be able to Express that the relationship was healthy and full!
what a neurotic relationship is about the fact that I don't know how:
- to talk about their feelings
- do Not understand their desires

2. Also the most common mistake and pain of modern relationship! WHEN A PERSON REPEATS THE CLOSENESS WITH THEIR PARENTS IN SVOIZ ADULT RELATIONSHIP.
for Example, with the parents you had a cold or too protective, enforced Intimacy, then the same can be carried into their new relationship. To not repeat important:
- to Understand what a Closeness you had with your parents as you build relationships in your first family
- Notice when you carry this same behavior into their real relationship
- to Understand what kind of relationship you want now.
- to Work on your feelings and go to the desired, and not forced relations!
And Hooray, you build a harmonious and desirable for your relationship! br>
3. A dislike to her and uncertainty...
Well, it's just the scourge of our time, for this reason, today men a more passive, women are insecure and dislike yourself ready for anything or at the least...( the woman today rarely can say clearly what she wants and to feel that she really deserve it!
Such feelings as:
- I am worthy
I love myself
I'm confident
- I want
to alienate so many women in the atmosphere , the smell of many women today, there experienced strength, confidence and love... so important, it is very important to cultivate confidence, love, respect, a sense of worthiness, greatness, courage and sexuality. When it is inside you, then there will be a man, because at least you agree just. the
History about the fact that I have sex enough, and I any man, and I though... leads to life half.
Listening to the article will be about love and confidence, I want more to talk to you about these feelings. Are you ready to have that conversation?! Ready to work on these feelings and do you feel that inside you is doing to work with this question?

Shamoyan Zina
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