Творческий тренинг командообразвания с военнослужащими


the Soldiers were divided into two teams, and within 2 hours under the guidance of a psychologist is dynamically created, pasted the project plant defense and equip the base with a hangar for aircraft.

team building, or team building (eng. Team building — team building) aimed at creating teams of specialists, collectively responsible for the results of their activities and on an equal basis, carrying out the division of labor in command.

Components of the process of team building

1. The formation and development of teamwork skills (team skills), this can be attributed to the following skills:

harmonization of common goals with personal goals;
accepting responsibility for the result of the command;
situational leadership (leadership under challenge) and a flexible style in accordance with the characteristics of the tasks;
constructive interaction and self-management;
the adoption of a unified command decisions and negotiating with team members

2. Building team spirit (in English literature – team spirit), that is, the totality of psychological phenomena that characterize informal relations personnel to colleagues. the Development of a team spirit, in fact, is a complex of measures aimed at:

a stronger sense of cohesion, the formation of a stable sense of "we";
the development of trust between co-workers, understanding and acceptance of the individual characteristics of each other,
motivating for joint activities;
creation experience highly effective joint action;
increase the informal authority of leadership.

3. The formation of the team (teambuilding – team building) - mechanical action, for the selection and optimization of the command structure and functional role distribution:

the effective use of strengths of team;
roles in the team for achieving results;
the formation of a new structure in a merger, consolidation, restructuring of the enterprise;
create a work environment when forming teams for a specific task;
the establishment of horizontal relations within the military collective.

In the sphere of personnel management the term team building understand short (from 2 hours to 3 days) event to improve team work: corporate programs, ropes course, corporate events, corporate volunteering and corporate philanthropy.

In the Armed Forces, indirectly under the category of events that are the effect of team building include the celebration of the birth of troops, the formation of a military unit (compound), New Year, professional holiday. With proper organization and conduct - outcome of such events should increase the cohesion of the military collective that is part of the work with a team spirit.

Also, under the team building understand vnutrikorporativnye a process determined by the cohesiveness of the team on the basis of shared values and ideas.

this training aim:
the skills of successful interaction of the military;
increasing level of personal responsibility for the outcome;
the change from competition to cooperation;
increasing the level of trust between team members;
switch the attention of the participant from myself to the team;
increase team spirit, obtaining a positive mood.

"the plant Project" Version 1

Stimulus material: clay (1-2 packing, depending on the number of servicemen in the team), the basis for the work (a piece of sturdy cardboard or other flat material), paper, color 2 – 3 packs, scissors, glue and imagination. The job perform better on the table. br>
Objective: in the allotted time, the team should be using stimulus material to create the design of the plant, observing certain conditions.

the plant must be:
1. fenced territory
2. the main production facility,
3. high pipe
4. driveways
5. warehouse.

to complicate the task, you can prevent the participants to talk among themselves. Exercise should not be performed for speed, but with enough time and a good analysis after execution. these tasks give a large amount of material to ensure that the participants understood their behavior, interaction skills, and much more.

"Project plant". Option 2

Stimulus option: a sheet of drawing paper, paints, water, brushes by the number of team members
Objective: in the allotted time, the team needs to draw paint plant project. you can't Talk.

the project should contain:
• production workshop,
• stock
• transport Department,
• management Department

In conclusion, given the rationale of the resulting project.

Worked with two teams. Soldiers very rapidly approached the task and within 2 hours there were here such masterpieces (pictured) – pipeline plant of strategic importance and "mobile base", decorated with portraits of the heads of state and the Department of defense.

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