Творческий тупик. Критик и Адвокат - кто кого?

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Many who wanted, but did not dare to start to write and publish their texts in the network are themselves long intimate conversations.

Everyone is familiar with the theory that within us many different parts. Sometimes these parts work together, sometimes pulling in different directions. This is called "internal conflict". Often he bothers to allow myself utterly simple action – press the button "publish".

As a rule, runs the "stop-cock" our inner critic. He is ready to find a lot of arguments not to do what you want. And like, actually, to write the text, to hear, to understand what is hooked and what could be improved, what topics to share. To stand on a stool, to become visible, to show off. Show itself.

it would Seem, what in it such? However, you are sure to remember from their history of phrases like "are You special?" or "Better business". Who is better, why and why not to be special, not particularly explained. But condemnation, draughty every sound of these phrases was certainly felt by the skin.

so, what conversations occur in the process of writing?

and I said how I want to write a text!

Critic: well, well. I want her. Wanted and want.

I: here, perhaps, I will write about autumn. I've always liked this time of year.

Critic: eww... What's the cliché that comes to your mind? If we write, then write something original!

I: Yes, indeed. I could then share with the world?

Critic: but are you even sure you have to share?

I'm (confused): uh...

Critic: you see, all have been written. What do you want to share? Your life? Yes to whom it is interesting? His knowledge? What makes you think that you know more than others?

Me: well there is something that only I know.

Critic: what is it?

Me: well N** in his last text he wrote about the fact that she wants to go to English language courses. And I taught. Maybe I should share my experience of teaching?

Critic: PF! And that you will tell? As you sit in your high school and are worn with their students, and they would only in the record book to mark, and not your knowledge?

me: Yes, you're right. Not an option. Really, what good is it?

Critic: that's it. Just sit back keep your head down better. Does the reading out of smart people.

me: but I want to write...

Critic: you know how many hacks sprung up? The whole Internet is full of loafers. Look, write all and Sundry.

I'm (sadly): Yes, that's right... I'm in the crowd get lost.

Critic: and so, if you look when someone asks? Anyone I need your opinion and experience? What is in your head wormed? Better thing to do!

I (with a sigh): Oh, Yes. Crockery is dirty, and the room not cleaned. Go. You're right, what is really there. And about autumn let someone else write. Anyway, I fail beautifully and clearly written.

Critic (with satisfaction): Yes. Cleaning certainly make sense and benefit more.

And so on following times and thought about what to write still want.

I Want to form thoughts into words, twisting them to create phrases, sentences, images.

I Want to be visible, to speak. Have the right to vote. Be useful.

All of this is normal human needs.

But these kinds of conversations in my head are born not on an empty place. There is something that stops the creative flow, does not allow him to turn around.

All of these "Where are you from snout to Kalashny number" and "Everything is already written" about what they really are?

You're not worthy/not worthy to have an opinion/be heard.

You can't be in the center/notable/special.

to be in the centre, noticeable, especially, need to do something extraordinary, worthwhile, brilliant.

With such "pillars" to move forward, be made difficult.

We have carefully nurtured the shape of the inner critic. Nurtured it, encouraged it. Self-punishment and self-incrimination – the highest level of parents ' trust and confidence that education is the right way. That the child absorbed the rules and restrictions and now by himself, without external adult can scold, shame, to stop.

But the figure of the lawyer many have to grow on their own, in adulthood. Someone is lucky with friends, mentors. Some do it with a therapist, psychologist, coach.

the Figure, her voice, is very important. It can protect, to resist criticism. To remind you about the value of yourself, your life, your experience.

you Say, "Try and see what happens!"

Say: "Even if nothing happens, I'll be there for you and on your side."

Say: "You are for me important, valuable, even if you can't do wrong".

criticism of the task such – to look for defects, to insure, to protect against failures. If you take his comments not as a direct guide to action, or inaction, but as a development zone based on what you have, he will play a good match in your movement forward. But this requires strong counterbalancing the figure of the lawyer. It is worth to invest if it is barely audible or not audible at all.

the First thing to do is to gradually learn to support yourself.

"Try again."

"If long does not work, see what you can do differently."

"you Seem tired, you should rest. The world will not collapse."

"Sometimes you may fail, it happens. It's sad, sad. Can mourn as you need".

When our internal world, different figures take their place and perform their tasks, much becomes possible.

When they may agree among themselves, to talk, to clarify, many things become clearer.

How do you think she could to end this conversation, intervened in him a lawyer?))))

marathon #Svobodova we help to cultivate internal advocates for freedom of expression. Come!


Svetlana Kokoreva
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