Творчество и женская энергия.


to be honest, up until that period of my life, I have never considered myself a creative person. BUT, I'm glad you don't think so and allow yourself to manifest all the colors of life. I'm sure we women are born to work.

When I talk about creativity, I don't mean just drawing or writing poetry. Creativity is the feminine energy and style of life in which a lot of bright colors. You live in the flow of energy and gratitude. You grow and develop, creating each moment itself, and the beauty beside him.

by nature you are gifted with great potential creative energy. In the family every day you come up with breakfasts, Lunches and dinners. Plan rest and pleasant meetings with friends. You come up with entertaining stories for their children, looking for a way to reach them and catch subtle notes of moods. Inspire and motivate her husband to do things.

Being girls, we fantasize, fantasize and imagine themselves with stars or princesses. In childhood we give a creative outlet. But the modern world requires women to "put off" their creativity. I see the causes of unhappy families and not the implementation of themselves as women.

Creativity in all its forms fills and nourishes us, strengthening female energy. Earlier I had a post about the need to develop and strengthen the female energy of pleasure, moving away from energy castigators. Of course, ideally, to combine these two energies. But most often, women don't allow my inner strength to emerge.

But as soon as you take a step for herself, her natural female energy that you have wings, strength and infinite energy. As soon as you stop to devalue yourself into thinking that it is the task of every woman. In life is very useful, not to think, as others, comparing yourself, because in this comparison there is a risk of losing what is important to you! And ask yourself about your desires, I assure you, after a while you will hear the answer.

the Creative process helps to draw water to hand. When you put the souls in a process, you become enriched and happy!
it is Important to remember and understand that each is something. Search for and improve that energy into yourself, evoking the happy and inspired woman. Because you deserve it!!!!


Belyaeva Natalia
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