Творчество как альтернатива потреблению

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Creativity is something that we can counter the destructive tendencies of the era of consumption!

Why destructive? In the consumption, of course, there is nothing wrong. It's a natural process, we all need good food, clothing, comfortable housing and other such joys of life. But this is only one side of the coin. The one who ONLY knows how to consume and sees this as the primary meaning of your life slavishly depend on those who stand on the "other side" of this process. He can dictate what he should consume, how and in what quantities. The whole point of life is to race for new objects of consumption created by someone else.

Someone considers themselves "highly spiritual person", because watching movies art-house and reads philosophical treatises, eats organic food and attends yoga classes. But it is also a consumption, although a more conscious and selective than someone else who eats fast food by flicking TV channels or hanging out in social networks.

to Hear your own voice and to break free from the shackles of the role of the consumer can become a Creator, actively create their own semantic field, their reality and thus their lives. This can be done using the letters on the monitor or on paper, using paints and brushes, musical instruments, dance and singing... Creativity can be growing flowers and socializing with friends and loved ones. To do the work or sports. BUT! All the same can not be creative. but only the pursuit of fashion, boring pastime with friends, which is actually not so much like walking in the fitness club simply because bought membership... Again - consumption someone else created values and meanings.

And at the same time - anything can be creative, if in this process there is one very important ingredient - INSPIRATION! Here is what you need to feel a live person, not a mechanical biorobot. No wonder inspiration is called the divine spark, because it really brings us closer to the Almighty creativity, as if we didn't call him, what images would not have imagined in your mind.

Inspiration is impossible to "upgrade" to construct or to maintain with the help of a psychotherapist. It can only be found in the depths of his soul, to feel, to let him be born, then grow, bloom and bear fruit.

that is What we will do in the open marathon "Inspirational 2019"!
Want to enter the New year with his own inspiration? Add creativity in your life? Then join!
the Marathon will begin next week, but now I post in the group pre-creative tasks.
Knock in - and see you at the marathon!

Svetlana Maslova
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