Твой тайм-менеджент или как наладить отношения со временем

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Ability to manage time have not all, it is a science, and what is most interesting, everyone is their own. Therefore, only you can find the key to forging your own relationship with time. But it should be the desire and willingness to make changes in your life. As a rule, we think that to change something in their habits only when we are constantly lacking time. But these changes are only able to adjust the schedule, but that does not solve the problem fundamentally. Time management teaches us to use time efficiently, it means to set goals and start every time from the question: "Why am I doing this?" It's not just a question, is a separate skill that needs to be trained, because only actions appropriate to the goal leads to the result.

we will Examine key moments in time:

1. Understanding yourself

it's Probably the most difficult task, but the end justifies the means, because, without awareness of themselves, their character traits, it is impossible to learn how to manage time efficiently. Here one cannot achieve results simply by learning, training. Time management must necessarily be based on individual values. Should understand them and rank for themselves. For this we use an interesting method. You will need a sheet of paper and a pen. Think carefully and write down the values that you have, it can be a job, public recognition, family, friends, love, fulfillment and others. It is important that these values belonged to and relevant only to you. Next draw a circle is the circle of your life priorities. Prorangers their values as a percentage (e.g. 40% friends 20%, etc.) and divide the circle into parts, according to the amount should get 100%. Now that you know your values, you can safely do to his time. And most importantly, it will be a conscious choice in favor of a significant for you aspects of life.

2. Definition of objectives

As we have said, first and foremost, goals need to meet our personal goals. To make you easier to formulate and achieve goals, every time you use the SMART method. Any target must be checked on five criteria:

Specific - a specific. This means that the goal must be as specific and clear, otherwise the result will differ from what you planned.
Measurable - measurable. The achievement of this goal needs to be measurable, otherwise you will not be able to understand if you have achieved it.
Achievable - Achievable. It is necessary to adequately assess the situation and understand that the goal is achievable from the point of view of external and internal resources. Try not to set goals that will lead to bad mood or stress.
Realistiс - realistic. The goal should be realistic and appropriate in this situation needs to fit in and not upset the balance with other objectives and priorities.
Timed - Defined time. Term or definite period of execution - one of the main components of the goal. It may have a fixed date, and to cover a certain period.

3. Planning

of Course, the knowledge of their values and goals, nedostatochno to learn how to manage time. Time managed is time well-structured, it is important to understand. But effective planning of own time is possible, if you use methods that do not contradict the individual nature of each person. Someone will fit the scheduling for a month, and for another, it will only be an unnecessary restriction of his freedom. ABC analysis is a method that is suitable for all, it will allow you to select from a large mass of cases the most important or priorities for each day:

Case "A" Is the most important things that only you can do. Usually they are the most time consuming. The plan need include only 1-2 things from this group.
Case "In" Is important things you can someone to delegate and 2-3 to include in your own schedule.
Case "C" Is the least important tasks, which, paradoxically, takes time. They should spend a minimal amount of time.
And don't forget that planning time is primarily a planning task. And the more you present the stages of each task and will present it on paper with the obligatory indication of the deadline, the faster and better the result will be. And in some cases is the only possible condition to solve the problem.

4. Analysis

the most Important step on the path to mastering the art of time management — honest introspection. This analysis will help you build on your strengths and save time by focusing efforts on those areas of life that need improvement. You need to develop your own strategy, and it can be done only after evaluating the effectiveness of your planning experience of time. To do this, answer the following questions:

what helps and What hinders the achievement of your management of time?
What do you have preference for planning time, which ever was successful?
What is the source of strength and motivation to achieve goals?

Time management will be effective only in one case – if you know what to strive for and not afraid of change. The essence of time management is not to upload your day in full, and to release him from unnecessary cases and more efficiently perform important tasks. Time management will allow you to achieve harmony between the various aspects of life, skillfully combining work, leisure, family, and at the same time to pursue their goals in the long term.

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