Твоя цена на брачной полке.


"something too much a woman needs. I'll put it another way, a woman should be beautiful, healthy, happy and more she owes nothing to anyone." (from the comments)

Yeah, I tense up when I hear about "should" and relax, when you hear instructions: do this, do so and you will have happiness. It is understandable, Milgram's experiments showed how ready we are to obey the authorities.

I'm not for you manifold, reminding about the debt, or the master of human destinies. I want to encourage, to arouse, to inspire, to captivate)))

With that hope and offer their reflections. Have you already decide to sit on the priest exactly silicone or to listen.

so. You can probably calculate its value as a digital value and more "not to worry" about this, or "sweating"))) As it will.

- define order of five to seven strengths that are most important to you, and the same shortcomings that hinder you;

- please rate them on a 5-point scale;

- subtract from the amount of advantages amount disadvantages.

Get your cost! Well, you take the risk? Just remember – it is your subjective assessment.

And can go the other way – refer all to the same pattern about the choice of a partner.

Looking at the levels of the pyramid, in their quantitative dimension, we can assume the following.

the First thing you pay attention men appearance. And we capitalizename here thoroughly, from tips of nails to of your lashes. Silicone - Botox, gym Solarium, Calvin Klein - Zara, emeralds red machine. Wow, how much effort, nerves, money!!! And all this beauty, and prestige leaves you on the shelf "mass consumption". Attractive appearance can be of the order of 100 000 for one man!

Okay, moving on – emotional level. As far as he pleased, comfortable, safe with you? Are you feminine, affectionate, supportive, attentive? With you easy? or pouting lips, complaints and whims is your behavioral style? Only, mind you! – not to play! And you quickly get tired, start to get annoyed even more, and he finds the hypocrisy, to be sure!

to Develop, revive, revive! – it is to us, to psychologists! Why not? Stylist and manicurist leaves you on the shelf of consumer goods, and psychologist through the eye of a needle will take you on the top shelf! IN THE EXCLUSIVE!)))

And you still don't understand why you're not married, the Doll you painted?!? Girls, I love! I swear!

But seriously, the numbers here they are in front of the eyes.

appearance – 100 000

the emotional appeal is 1,000.

One of hundreds!!! Stiff competition to get on the shelf with the higher price.

"Come here, Doll, I give you my heart!"

Ugh... what the vulgar could be advertising... or:

"Come to me peace Doll,

I will endow you with intelligence and wit"

Ugh... again with the vulgarity!

And the truth is that education and full development of their abilities increases your cost. What do you think, form opinions, as it is expressed, what language they speak. Are you able to listen and understand other people's ideas, ask pertinent questions? It is also a development, a continuous process of understanding, enrichment, expansion abilities deeply and to think clearly. Only! – not a demonstration! Remember the tact and restraint. Know-it-alls and teachers annoy us all!

so we got to the last shelf! Spiritual level. Who is your God? Whether it is for you? Do you pray and how? Do you visit Church? What? Holy places?

And all this in the Treasury of your values!

"I heard she really got sick, great work, work, work..... I think everything should be fun and not a burden. Not a permanent work to hard, when to rest!?"

That for God's sake! As in the song: "think for yourself, decide for yourself..." And good luck to you!

Kriven Tatiana
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