Talk about two things in communication, which, in my opinion, are the most important. This mostly refers to personal communication between two people, although in all other communications, too, is the place to be with small adjustments.

I'm Sure each of us had the experience, when communication was not as we would like. It is possible that you just ignored the rules, which will be discussed below.

Why is this important? Our whole life is actually a continuous communication with other people. Man is a social animal. And the correct, more efficient and more beautiful you is communication going to build the better life will be exactly you. You want the best fate?)

the Moment the number of times. Tell me about the changes. In any communication occurs in parallel to a host of things that can like or dislike one of the participants. Important moments like voice. Just voiced, that would help the partner to understand you. For example, I agree with the person about the meeting and that person to this meeting late, and personally, I strongly dislike when I'm late. br>
And how do I act in this situation? The first option I can "take offense" to think about the man a few bad words and to build communion in this way. Not the most effective time. The second option if the person is late, I can say that I am upset by this fact and please continue to be punctual. This option is much better than the first, in my opinion, because it creates some rules, which this communication will follow. The third option is the most beautiful and strategic, I can pre warn you what to expect punctuality. The rule designated in advance, I make the probability of the beginning time above, simply speaking this time.

Say it is important, in my opinion, all that like it or not. This will help to find common ground with the person and the point where it can be tension. Again an example, decided two people drink tea, and one suggests, for example, ginger. The second ginger don't like, for whatever their reasons, but he said nothing. And then sits all the way stressful unhappy and resentful of this tea. Could say, say I don't feel like ginger or I don't like ginger in principle, and then we would have to compromise. If, on the contrary, the second like ginger - also voiced and Bang appears the topic of conversation, the feeling of similarity and generally glad at heart.

again, the more things we will thus speak in the early stages the easier and more comfortable it will be built on. Pronounce some specific words and deeds. Often we think that the other person is a telepath and he discovers that. Not a mind reader. Do not guess. By the way, why we think, is a separate issue and how to tell you something. Telepaths among us there, and when you guess, it is not entirely accurate. Easier and more efficient - speak.

Speaking about the changes and his attitude towards them, we help the person to make a map of our personal communication. Which places are pleasant, where it is not necessary to go there swamp, where there are different views and stuff. Given such a map, the communication will build easier and more enjoyable.

Forget about telepathy, just tell me.

Point number two. Privacy. I think we've all been in difficult situations where the confidentiality was violated. It's not just courtesy and attention to the partner, this is about respect. The first was also about respect, but it is much more fundamental. People will not be able to trust another, to relax and open up, if they think his words or actions will be someone famous. Want of confidence in communication give her privacy. br>
this does not need to conduct all meetings in the bunker, with personal security, where no one will see you. Simply all that was done and said at the meeting, to leave only the framework of this meeting. The dialogue held between two people stays between them. Very little will be nice to hear some fragments from the third man.

Maybe I in some sense easier, the profession leaves a mark and I refer to this as the most evident. And to any ordinary dialogue, I treat with the same precision as to what was in consultation. Although, if you think about it, it is a simple quality and a good indicator of the "maturity" of the person, how he can keep his mouth shut. Especially in a fit of emotion, when it hurts and I want to do hurts another person. Here that often get thrown in the face of those things that get would not be worth it.

Let's take an example, that would be a little clearer. Let's say a friendly meeting, people drink that the ginger tea and discuss the structure of the universe. Information never draws affecting the honor and dignity and is in principle possible third person to voice some of his insights at the end of this conversation. If you are told not about the universe, and about how, for example, Mary slept with Bob, then blurt about the fact that you already know this fact, it will be very gross violation of privacy rules. Trust in you then greatly reduced and intelligent people no longer tell you something personal, because you and another place I can blurt out. Your conclusions on the result of the conversation, is the result of your mental work and to share it with you, you have every right, but without reference to a specific person, it's your conclusions. The more personal information you know about someone, the more carefully it should be treated.

so once again, all that was said or done between two people is their own business. Privacy. Privacy. Confidentiality again. And the more these data can hurt people, the more cautious they should be.

I compare people with the files. One person - one file. The file contains the chat history and all the secrets. Once the communication is completed at the moment the file is closed and all I knew was forgotten. You can communicate with other people, writing other files. Once again I meet the first person, it "opens the file" and all information about our interactions I remember.

Keep strangers their files carefully.

I Told only about two points. To talk about changes and privacy. Text is quite a lot. These are important points in any communication, in my opinion. Given these simple rules, you will be a lot easier to communicate with the other person and your communication will become deeper and more sincere. For the most advanced, look at these rules from the point of view of the husband and wife, there is more often and more carefully use. Can you guess why? Is from this point of view to describe separately?

Your actions become your habits. Your habits create your character. Character will determine your destiny. Making these two rules with their habit can be highly improved and the character and destiny.

Choose effective habits.

Karakmatov Dmitry
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