Two rules that will change your personal life forever!


Want to know two rules that will change your personal life forever?

so, the first rule:

- in relationships should be easy. As much as possible. Relationships shouldn't be, should not make you unhappy, you should be easy from the first moment of your acquaintance. You should have a desire to continue and develop them. If you feel with the person as if you knew him a hundred years, then this is It. The young man is the desire to continue the acquaintance? Yes! The guy on the “curve Mare will not approach”. No!
the girl's eyes lit when they met? Yes! Unavailable "proud bird," you need to take out in Europe? No!

the simpler the better. No need to persuade, cajole, and even more to plant on additional grooming for many years. Do not want-do not. The only way! Otherwise, you risk your whole life to look at the unhappy face and adjust. Easy together great, painful good-bye!
don't take on a destructive relationship! You don't have to grovel. You'll get tired of it. But sooner is better.

the Second rule:

- In relationships should be happy. As soon as they bring more bad things than joy — leave them. Do not delay! It is not necessary to beat the dishes, do not swear, it is not necessary to emphasize its advantages to those who focus not notice. Does not prove the truth of this statement. Just take as an axiom. And that's all!

Stop the accusations and drama! You don't need them. When you feel that warm, tender feeling at the sight of his partner became anxious, tense, stop them! Otherwise you risk to blow your only precious life! Remember, for what she was given. Is it for military actions and negative emotions? If your partner is forcing you to guilt and reproach — go!  you Can start to undergo family therapy. And then decide. Motivation “For children”, “How is he without me”, “for the Sake of another”, “in order to”, “God is patient and told us" - leave for others.
As you are my two rules?

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