Today I will describe two scenarios two main scenarios in nurturing a successful child. Yes, there are pitfalls in each, and I would like, and would be glad for their opinions on this matter.

so. Helen was a wanted child. Her petted and cherished not only parents, but grandparents on both sides. She was the first and only grandchild for many years. Every achievement had great resonance: said first word - all admire and enjoy. Drew his first picture - are predicting a bright future of the great artist, the top five in school was accompanied by tea and cake. To her and to her success was always treated carefully. My grandfather used to say - it will make great sense. Papa - she is going to break thousands of hearts. Mom thought she is very beautiful and is constantly talking to her about it.

the Girl always felt support. Was opened, and everything told as it is.

Evelina, too, parents were waiting. And she was happy. They tried to give her the best of everything but no frills. And when the grandmother said that a good granddaughter, mom immediately said that there is no need to praise. And pamper too. Life is not so simple to make it into a theatre of unnecessary praise. She was always ready for classes, carefully dressed for the weather, and treated in case of illness. Once again nobody talked to her, but her stories did not shy away. If she asked me to buy something, the parents discussed her request and if not considered necessary - so she said. They taught her that she did not listened, and had itself, without relying on parents. If she received was a low score and were distraught, the parents said that she was poorly prepared, and so should prepare better next time. In all there antics it was punished. Believed that much can't get away with it. For great achievements especially did not praise, only said that we should not stop trying. If she cried or was sad - dad said that she shouldn't be in mumble, and have to pull myself together.

In these two stories raise girls. Grow in different ways. But in both cases love.

About myself, what exactly is the first option I see right and loving. In such conditions it is impossible to perelyub, peresortitsy, give more than you have to. It's about love. This method and the method of bringing up kids close to me. Don't like coldness and detachment. Also it sickens me the lack of emotion and pity. But it depends on the scenario that was at my parents, and grandparents.

I would like to know the opinion of those who read this: what to You is closer and more understandable why, in Your opinion, what is the prognosis of these stories of children's growth.

Kulbitsky Catherine
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