Why low self esteem is a reflex of the Victim? The role of the victim – is the installation going since childhood, when the child is formed on motivation and search activity to exit the comfort zone.
let's Say the child often manifests helplessness in a situation of "I Have nothing, I can't, I don't know how to do it", and my mother regrets it and is doing it constantly for it, creating a long series of behavioral reinforcements and further the life script.

the position of the Victims initially generates low self-esteem and the so-called external type – external locus of control person.

What does it mean External type external locus of control?

This means that the person tends to attribute the results of their work to some external factors.

"I feel bad and blame surrounding". I'm not pretty enough to meet girls, I'm not clever enough to earn", "I can't get out of depression for a month, the head of the bastard fired me. I'm not lucky, I thump, I suffer, I feel bad, nothing helps does not help, if I get a job again it will be the same, and I don't want it, I'm a sad g**.

Therefore the locus and is responsible for the willpower of the individual, which develops in the weak position of the victim - the External type.

But the human status of the victim are well accustomed, the feelings of helplessness, fear, self-pity, resentment and anger at others who don't want to save me and blame all my suffering.

And then the person with this setup and strategy the role of the Victim creates his own drama theatre - called sadomasochistic play "triangle of Karpman in my life", where prigashaem Tyrant and a Squad to play with him.
so, what to do and how to get out of this ugly role of the Victim?

Step # 1. First you need to pass the test questionnaire level of subjective control j.The rotter to see how ploho)

Step # 2. Learn to develop internal locus of control.
I often tell clients that the most motivated man in life is the one that rushes to the toilet and nikoa obstacles can not stop him.

It's about how saying "Who wants to, looking for opportunities. Who does not want looks for excuses." So. And you will agree dear friends related to hear from someone, these excuses are "I managed it and reached the toilet, because I was not, hope, faith, legs were short decided to move on tomorrow, etc".
Therefore, I believe and experience shows that what may have been low self-esteem, if a person begins to develop self-control and self-discipline gradually appearing activity, initiative, commitment, a life-base and success and the person goes to a different level and different quality of life the Master of your life..

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